Raymond Goode is the author of “Road to Oprah”.

Title: “Road to Oprah”

Author: Raymond Goode

Born and raised in Richmond, Va., Raymond Goode graduated from Meadowbrook High School in 1996. At this time, Raymond Goode was overwhelmed by the need to serve others, which continues to shape his life today. In an attempt to placate this need, he enlisted in the Navy after his time with the Army. Despite seven years of military/civil service, a deep-seated desire to serve still flowed within him.Raymond is dedicated to giving all of himself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to the reader. In 2010 he eschewed all of his worldly possessions, becoming homeless, in order to become a slave to his art, his passion, his muse so that he can produce his best work. Above all; he is an idealist, in love with love.


What was the impetus for writing this book?

“Road to Oprah” is my faith-based journey that details my quitting three jobs and leaving my home to fulfill my dream of meeting Oprah Winfrey. I stepped on a nail and woke up in the hospital in Pittsburgh; my car broke down in Indiana, and I lived inside a 24 hour self storage unit in Chicago. The purpose of my journey is to show young people that there is a better way than selling drugs or prostituting.


What’s the overall theme?

The overall theme is to inspire and motivate all that continue to believe in a dream to keep believing.  “Road to Oprah” will encourage readers to believe in themselves and to understand sometimes “Life ain’t always easy” and how some attributes such as a positive attitude, determination and persistence can play a part in realizing dreams.


What surprised you about the development of this book?

“Road to Oprah” began merely as a path to self discovery. Every day that I write gets me further and further away from that day I almost killed myself. This publication instills hope in all who know they are designed for a special purpose. I am surprised every day by how many people are touched by this book as well as my journey.


What one thing do you want the reader to learn?

God has placed us on this earth to push the human race forward. We all have individual talents we must capitalize upon. We cannot measure our self-worth by the perception of other people. Always remember; for us to change as a people we must change as a person.


What did you learn during the writing process?

Raymond Goode began to find out who Raymond Goode is. All the insecurities and self hatred I had developed as a young man began to unravel. I now know my purpose and destiny upon this earth. I have the power to change the world as long as I allow God to use my physical being as a vessel for his work.


Any advice for aspiring writers?

Besides purchasing my books (laughs). Always remember this phrase:

No tears in the writer

      No tears in the reader

     No joy in the writer

     No joy in the reader


Always write from the heart. As writers; we are held to a higher code of conduct because we put forth information that others seek.


What other books have you written?

My other books include “Traces of You”, “Through their Eyes”, and “How to write and print your book under 300$.”


Follow Goode’s journey on tracesofyou.org.