Baltimore County officials have filed a motion for a new trial in the wrongful death civil case of Korryn Gaines, in which her family was awarded more than $37 million in damages. The County has also filed for a reduction in the amount of the verdict.

The family of Korryn Gaines (with her son Kodi in this photo) was awarded $37 million in her wrongful death civil case last month. Baltimore County has filed a motion for a new case. (Facebook photo)

Last month, a jury ruled Baltimore County police officer Royce Ruby did not act reasonably, when he gunned down Gaines and injured her son Kodi (then 5), during an armed standoff with the 23-year old mother of two at her apartment in Randallstown, Md., Aug. 1, 2016. Initially, county police came to Gaines’ apartment to serve a bench warrant for her failure to appear for a traffic violation March 10, 2016.

Gaines posted portions of the incident on Facebook and Instagram, but after about six hours police requested Facebook take her account down and they complied. Gaines was dead and her son shot moments later.

Last month’s civil court decision awarded Gaines’ son Kodi more than $32 million in damages, his sister, Karsyn, $4.5 million. Gaines’ mother and father were awarded $307,000 and $300,000 respectively and the Gaines’ estate was awarded another $300,000. There were no punitive damages awarded.