Brad Collins sax
Brad Collins, saxophonist and Benjie Porecki, organist and Mark Prince on drums, named the “Firm Roots Trio”.
Brad Collins, saxophonist and Benjie Porecki, organist and Mark Prince on drums, named the “Firm Roots Trio”.

Hello my dear friends! This month seems to have jazz music floating in the air. Everyone who loves live jazz music will get a real treat. Starting this weekend, my girl, Caprece, is featuring some of my favorite musicians, such as Brad Collins playing somemean saxophone, Benjie Porecki who can tickle the ivory on keyboards and a B-3 Hammond organ that will keep you out of your seat and the drummer is Mark Prince. Caprece Jackson-Garrett started a jazz series last year and has extended this year thru the summer months to bring the best of the best jazz musicians that Baltimore loves.

As most of you know, I am never in Baltimore for Labor Day Weekend, at least for the past 24 years because I am at the Tony Williams Jazz Festival, which is the Brother to the Rosa Pryor Music Scholarship Fund. The festival gets better and better each year. It is like a “jazz barbeque of music.” I know many of you, your family and friends will be enjoying your cookouts, barbeques and picnics in your backyards and the parks with the boom box jumping with your favorite music on CDs and that is okay! But honey child! When I go to Philadelphia, for the Tony WTony and his bandilliams Scholarship Jazz Festival, they have a complete jazz and blues menu on their barbeque pit. The family, jazz lovers, friends and fans who attended this event in the past years were such artists as: the late John Blake, who passed away this week, who poured butter over the corn on the cob with his violin, the late “Fathead” Newman would rub the special source on the ribs with his sweet sax; then there were Claude “Fiddler” Williams, one of the greatest violinists, took a bit of the corn on the cob that Blake was holding with his bow. Then there were Houston Persons with the hotdogs mustard and onions falling from his sax and Etta Jones holding the rolls with her dreaming voice as the song “Don’t Go to Strangers” flowed from her lips. The renowned Walter Clark would stroll in with the hamburgers on his tenor and soprano sax. Now in came Bill Cosby, the comedian smelling up the place with the pig feet on the drums, the party had started, the grill was smoking, but we stilled needed some barbeque ribs, so Tony Williams who played the T-bone steaks on his sax, called Dave Posmontier, who brought in the baby back ribs on the keyboards. Girlfriend! The jazz barbeque was jumping up and down doing the “Jimmy McGriff Philadelphia Strut” for the whole Labor Day weekend. Now folks, this Festival will be a part 2 of the same!

This year, the Tony WilliaCraig Alstonms Jazz Festival will include: the Walter Clark’s Band, Kenny Gates Quartet, Ray Jones Ensemble, Wes & Chris Lowery’s Experience, The RH-Philly All Stars, Tommy Grice Sextet, Glen Williams, Dave Posmontier’s All Stars, Miss Justine’s Ensemble, the Youth Jazz Performances, Barbara Walker, Leon Jordan Quartet, Ronnie Waters Quartet and Bill Cosby, doing his stand-up comedy and playing drums with his “Reunion Band” just to name a few. So my friends, you know where I will be next weekend.

Now, whatever you decide to do, have a safe, fun and happy weekend. I am truly out of space and time, so if you need me, call me at 410-833-9474 or email me your flyers, photos, press releases and invites to [email protected]UNTIL THE NEXT TIME, I’M MUSICALLY YOURS.