Former Cosby Kid Malcolm-Jamaal Warner Stars in ‘Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner at D.C.’s Arena Stage

Actor Malcolm-Jamal Warner is starring in the family comedrama 'Guess Who's Coming to Dinner' currently playing at the Arena Stage.

The story, made famous in the film starting Sidney Poitier, Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy 50 years ago, centers around a Black man and young White woman who met, fell in love and became engaged while they were out of the country. The setting is the girl’s home and the action involves the betrothed’s parents’ reaction to their love and plans to wed.

The show is a delightful blend of comedic moments and thought-provoking insight into the way race plays into cross-racial relationships, in this case with a White couple who purport to be liberal and a Black husband and wife team who are loathe to see their child involved with a White girl.

The cast is top-shelf. Warner is the best combination of dashing and dignified in this Arena Stage debut. His love interest, Bethany Anne Lind is radiant.

The play runs through Jan. 5 at the Fichandler Stage. Tickets are still available. Visit or call 202-554-9066 for general information or 202-488-3300 for ticket sales.

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Former Cosby Kid Malcolm-Jamaal Warner Stars in 'Guess Who's Coming to Dinner at D.C.'s Arena Stage


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