Tell-All Book by Solange in the Works

A celebrity tell-all book could be in the works to provide a look inside the marriage of megastar singer Beyonce and hip-hop mogul Jay Z and is to be written by Solange Knowles, who was captured on an elevator spy-cam apparently pummeling her brother-in-law in front of her sister, Beyonce, according to

According to Solange is being offered $20 million dollars to what’s really happening in the world inhabited by her, her superstar sister and Jay Z.

In addition, Solange is also ready to open up in print about allegations of her sister’s estrangement from their father, Matthew Knowles, as well as reports of womanizing by Jay Z and Beyonce’s real and publicly staged pregnancies.

According to Buzz60, a digital news site, Solange is apparently “fed up” with being overshadowed by her older, more successful sister. Solange has not reacted to the reports of a tell-all book.

Since the elevator incident in which Solange was seen on a surveillance camera spitting, hitting and kicking Jay-Z while Beyonce apparently idly stood by, for the most part, has gone viral, the trio has appeared in public and has seemed to put the turmoil behind them.

But rumors of a troubled marriage persist. The couple reportedly once sported matching tattoos of the Roman numeral “IV” on their ring fingers. Beyoncé was born on Sept. 4, Jay-Z on Dec. 4 and they were married on April 4. Now both tattoos are said by gossip sites to be gone.

While the three have appeared in public without incident, “Beyoncé and Jay Z are heading towards one of the biggest and ugliest divorces in celebrity history,” according to the web site of celebrity magazine Life & Style

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Tell-All Book by Solange in the Works


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