Mayweather Survives Maidana to Stay Perfect

Floyd Mayweather Jr. maintained his perfection, advancing his career record to 46-0 after beating Argentinean boxer Marcos Maidana by majority decision at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas on May 3.

Showtime boxing commentators called the bout the toughest fight of Mayweather’s 18-year career. Maidana swarmed Mayweather with relentless pressure in the early rounds, often cornering him on the ropes while throwing flurries of wild overhand punches. But Mayweather eventually adapted to Maidana’s style, popping him continuously with counter hooks and uppercuts.

Two judges ruled Mayweather the winner while one judge ruled it a draw. Mayweather landed more punches and at a higher percentage than Maidana.

Mayweather is now the unified welterweight champion after retaining his WBC Welterweight title and taking the WBO Welterweight title from Maidana (35-4).

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Mayweather Survives Maidana to Stay Perfect


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