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Mayweather Achieves Many Firsts While Remaining Undefeated Against Guerrero

by Perry Green
AFRO Sports Editor

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    Floyd Mayweather Jr. lands a left jab against Robert Guerrero in the fourth round during a WBC welterweight title fight, Saturday, May 4, 2013, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/Isaac Brekken)

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. improved his undefeated record to 44-0 after an easy victory over fellow welterweight champion Robert Guerrero on May 4 in Las Vegas. Mayweather beat Guerrero (31-2-1 record) in a 117-111 decision, with a fight that contained many firsts for Mayweather despite his long career in the ring.

Most importantly, it was Mayweather’s first fight since his release from prison on an 87-day sentence for domestic abuse. Mayweather showed no rust in the ring, using his signature defense and lightning quick right cross punch to pick apart Guerrero. He opened a cut above Guerrero’s left eye, leaving his opponent bloodied midway through the 12-round bout.

“We did it again,” Mayweather said ringside after the fight. “I take my hat off to Robert Guerrero. He's a true warrior.”

It was also the first fight for Mayweather under a new pay-per-view contract with Showtime after previously fighting under contract with HBO. Mayweather made $32 million in prize money for the fight.

It was also Mayweather’s first fight since rehiring his father, Floyd Mayweather Sr., as his head trainer. Mayweather Jr. and Sr. have had family disputes in the past, and Jr. had trained under his uncle, Roger Mayweather for much of his career. But Roger has been suffering from diabetes, causing Mayweather to choose his father to man his corner.

“I needed my father tonight,” Mayweather said. “My defense was on point and he told me to stick with my defense and that the less you get hit the longer you last.”

Floyd told reporters that he may fight again in September.