Talking, Tasting and Testifying

Knowing that silence can foster sickness, Akeda Pearson came up with the idea to promote conversation to bring about healing and that was the seed for 3rd Sundays Tea, Tastings and Testimonials.

July is the end of the first series which originated through prayer and supplication, Pearson said.

“I feel my mission is to spark conversation, which is the initial step to overcoming domestic violence because silence hides violence,” she said.

“Often times than not, we remain silent while our loved ones, someone's daughter, son, brother, sister, relative or friend experience abuse or even die as a result of domestic violence. Our society has literally become desensitized to violence.”

Domestic violence spans all cultures, races and regions throughout the world.
The monthly gatherings were established to:

*spark conversation about some of the factors that manifest into domestic abuse

*facilitate educational presentations for attendees to gain knowledge

*distribute information about local, state and national resources

*encourage sharing of information with families, friends, colleagues, neighbors, co-workers and communities and

*provide an atmosphere of rich history with delicious tastings.

“When the idea was presented to Julia Faye Briggs, the owner of Tea by Julia Faye, she did not hesitate to support the idea,” Pearson said.

Previous events have been well attended by females 15 and older; however, more males are encouraged to attend. Due to limited seating, RSVPs are requested.

Representation from DHMH, faith based organizations, safe havens and advocacy agencies is expected.

3rd Sundays Tea, Tastings and Testimonials will be held 4 p.m., July 21 at The Historic Stone Mansion, 4901 Spring Garden Drive, Baltimore, Md. RSVP to [email protected] or call 410-367-8253.

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Talking, Tasting and Testifying


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