Meet The Pastor

Meet The Pastor

Pastor Antoine O. McClurkin, age 35
Chief Steward of Divine Cathedral Church
1014 N. Carrollton Avenue, Baltimore

Years served:

Hometown: Baltimore

Education: Edmondson Westside High School, Baltimore International College, Wesley Theological Seminary 2014

How did you hear your calling?

I heard the call while sitting in the basement of my childhood home at the age of 12. I answered the call after two years of speaking at various youth functions. Many who heard began to confirm that the call was certain.

What was the biggest surprise when you started ministry?

The biggest surprise was that the people who were most verbal with the promise of support, were the least likely to support. It was also surprising to see where real support actually came from. 

What aspect are you most proud of?

I am most proud to watch those who started with the ministry, humbly and truly grow in faith.

What’s the most exciting thing about your ministry?

The most exciting aspect of our ministry is that we are continually cultivating standards as we grow.

How does social media enhance your ministry, or not?

Social media gives us another arm of outreach and evangelism, especially Facebook.

Who in your community most inspires you?

My uncles who have been pastors for more than 20 years inspire me as well as the young people of the church who always seem to know how to ask the best questions.

What’s your favorite form of recreation and self care?

I enjoy swimming, bowling, reading and quiet meditation in my spare time.

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Meet The Pastor


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