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“As I began to love myself I understood that at any circumstance, I am in the right place at the right time, and everything happens at the exactly right moment. So I could be calm. Today I call it SELF-CONFIDENCE. ” Charlie Chaplin

“Up in the sky; it‘s a bird it’s a plane…” it’s President Obama and his airborne entourage zooming over our heads as we sat poolside at our vacation house in Oak Bluff. The president had just arrived in Martha’s Vineyard enroute to his vacation house in Chilmark. From that moment, it was a week of presidential sightings. Sunday as we left a party hosted by the Wright family, Blanette, Patrice, Tracey, Marshall and Joanne Scroggins, Brenda, Ralph and Willard; we spotted the presidential caravan on Circuit Avenue, the President and Mrs. Obama were arriving for dinner at Sweet Life a quaint non-descript restaurant serving American and French cuisine. The crowd grew as word spread that the president was on Circuit Avenue.

“You don't really understand human nature unless you know why a child on a merry-go-round will wave at his parents every time around… and why his parents will always wave back.”
William D. Tammeus

On Wednesday as we drove to the tiny fishing village of Menemsha to watch the most gorgeous sunset and dine on lobster straight from the lobster pots we passed through Chilmark. The checkpoint set-up to protect our President blocking the road to Menemsha was like a fortress reminiscent of Checkpoint Charlie. The secret service directed us to a detour up a winding dirt road.

Naturally, heading back to Oak Bluff we hit the same checkpoint, laughingly the secret service guided us out as we thanked them for protecting our President. Enjoying the lobster, champagne, sunset and the adventures were our housemates Marylanders Brenda Baker, Debbie Taylor, Laverne Naesea, Eliza Johnson, Pat Thomas, Dot Douglas, Darlene Miller, Claudia McKee and Toni Johnson celebrating her birthday in Martha’s Vineyard.

Marylanders Doris Cutler, Dr. Lenora and Gerald Talley, Amanda Faucette, Wendy and Spencer Alexander, Bobby and Vicky Van Wright saw the president at the Farm Neck Golf and Country Club were the President wished them a great vacation.

“My esteem in this country has gone up substantially. It is very nice now when people wave at me they use all their fingers.” President Jimmy Carter

We were sitting on Nancy’s deck Friday evening, and noticed a crowd growing; standing in front of us were Malia and Sasha typical teenagers trying to be oblivious to the growing crowd as they sipped a cool drink.

Lookout Tavern, overlooking the Nantucket Sound was an idyllic place to dine and watch the ships sail past. Located near the Inkwell, we frequented this spot daily for sushi, seafood or a cold drink. We decided early in the week that we would watch Friday’s fireworks from their deck. As word spread that the President was at the house next door to watch the fireworks, I didn’t think the secret service would let us through. They scanned us and allowed us to go into Lookout Tavern for dinner and presidential watching (I mean firework watching.) The staff remembered us and immediately escorted us through the crowd to the outside picnic tables. Amazement etched the faces of Ralph and Brenda Wright, Brenda Baker and Eliza Johnson when we realized that less than two car lengths away stood the President of the United States on the porch talking to Valerie Jarrett, White House senior adviser.

“Like a good neighbor…. State Farm

With cameras flashing and the secret service smiling the President looked over, waved and walked back into the house. As the fireworks started, he came back out, waved again and watched the fireworks on the porch.

This summer’s hottest song is Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines,” our theme song as we travelled throughout Martha’ Vineyard. A picture is worth a thousand words as we watched people from eight to 88 moving to the infectious beat of the popular song. One evening, as we sat on the Island Inn porch eating maple walnut ice cream, a young man ran over to us and said, “You ladies are awesome; you have been playing that song over the island all week. We wait for you to drive by and we start dancing.”

Nancy’s on the harbor is a great place to meet new friends. The night we arrived, we met inspiring writers, actors and directors showcasing their works at the Martha’s Vineyard African-American Film Festival. Congratulations to writer/producer Deon Hayman of Glendale, Calif. on his film entry “Bathroom Attendant.” It reminded me of the bathroom attendant we encountered at the Palace of Versailles in France.

Fried chicken, waffles and homemade biscuits is the dish at Biscuits, the family owned restaurant in Martha’s Vineyard. Owner Christopher Acrudi encourages you to arrive early to avoid the lines. We enjoyed talking to Bostonians Beverly Ross, Joan Cromwell, Maureen Lee and Mary Alice as we waited in line for breakfast.

“God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.” Voltaire

Join Virgos Dante Daniels owner of Maceo’s Lounge and Virgo Valerie (that’s me) at Maceo’s for the Virgo Party Sept. 8, at 12 noon for brunch, dancing and friendship.

Happy birthday Carol Hilton, Frances Tilghman, Tina Jolivet, Rosa Barber, Delores Chambers, Beta Dotson, Freddie Vaughn, Dr. James Wood, Yvonne Furris, Miss Shirley Ball, Walter Carr and my son-in-law Ret.Col. Gregory Packer Sr.

Congratulations Bonnie Matthews Butler, on your retirement from the federal government. Way to go!

Valerie & the Friday Night Bunch

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Living for the Weekend


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