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“The most beautiful word on the lips of mankind is the word “Mother,” and the most beautiful call is the call of “my mother.” It is a word full of hope and love, a sweet and kind word coming from the depths of the heart. The mother is everything; she is our consolation in sorrow, our hope in misery, and our strength in weakness. She is the source of  love, mercy, sympathy, and forgiveness…” Khalil Gibran

“Own only what you can carry with you; know language, know countries, know people. Let your memory be your travel bag.” Alexander Solzhenitsyn

What do you do when you get a personal call from royalty?  You cancel your plans and “jump, jump, jump to it.” That’s just what I did when the Prince of Fashion Travis Winkey called inviting me to the Eubie Blake Center for the grand opening, exhibiting his 40 years as a fashion icon I jumped to it.

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” Coco Chanel

The photos and mementos highlighting Travis’ illustrious career and his travels throughout Europe as an international fashion trendsetter covered the gallery walls depicting the different levels of his career. Radio personality Larry Young hosted the exhibit opening and received cheers when he announced that radio icon Cathy Hughes, in support of this historic occasion, gave Travis carte blanche to promote the occasion.

“Above all, remember that the most important thing you can take anywhere is not a Gucci bag or French-cut jeans; it's an open mind” Gail Rubin Bereny

Internationally acclaimed fashion model Beverly Johnson and industry insiders are celebrating Travis’ expertise in the fashion industry during Charm City International Fashion Week, a multi-cultural celebration. Visit for event information.

“Family faces are magic mirrors.  Looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present, and future.” Gail Lumet Buckley

Fried chicken, fried fish and smothered cabbage were among the menu items served at the Edmonds’ Family’s Just Cousins’ 21st Mardi Gras scholarship fundraiser at the Forum Caterers.  The event, chaired by Selena Redd and Dr. Jerrelle Francois and their cousins,  provides college scholarships to family members. “We are family…” These families, the descendants of sharecroppers,  have made it their mission to educate the future generations. “You’re my pride and joy…” Accolades honoring the recipients were applauded by friends Carroll Marcus, Ronald Brooks, Kevin Pulley, Geneva Sparks, Wattina Coles, Emma Hall, John Bryant, John Woods, Al Michaels, Carol and Willie “Crab” Foster and Louis Edmonds as they all marveled at the significance of the families’ commitment to education.  “Give that lady a standing ovation…”  Sonya Johnson provided the musical selections.

They're my theme music. Every hero's got to have some.” Jack Spade

Erica Murray danced into Crème Restaurant to her theme song, “Living My Life Like It’s Golden” at her 40th birthday party, posed for photos on the red carpet and “set it off. Guests walked the red carpet and posed for photos before entering the dining area for dinner. The menu of salmon, steak, chicken and salad was ideal for a late-night party.

 “You make me feel like dancing.” The deejay kept us on the dance floor. My baby sister Clarissa Pritchett was visiting from Chicago and enjoyed partying with Erica’s mom and dad, Michael and Gwen Murray, Uncle Phil Murray, Robert Chambliss, Shirley Richmond, Michael Grant, Erica’s jazzy grandmother Lee-Lee and more than 200 partygoers.

Happy birthday to you, Roots owner Ronnie Jackson, Tequila Sunset owner Libby Harris, Dr. Anne Emery, Victor Green, Pat Crisp, Robert Chambliss and Clarissa Pritchett.

“If I could be anything in the world I would want to be a teardrop because I would be born in your eyes, live on your cheeks, and die on your lips.” Mary Stuart Masterson

“If that’s not loving you…” Happy 50th wedding anniversary to Bill and Penny Brown, Happy anniversary to Dr. Vallen and Michele Emery and happy first anniversary to Lt. Gov. Anthony and Karman Brown.

Heritage United Church of Christ celebrated founders, Dr. Anne Emery, Marian Alston, Vallen Emery Sr., Mildred Forehand, Lillian Green, Howard Green, Fannette Hughes, Lettie Wilson, Wayland Wilson, Edith Crew, and John Wood at the Forum Caterers in honor of the church’s 50th anniversary.

Keep the faith.” Adam Clayton Powell  Members honored the founders who have transitioned and applauded members Katie Grove, Ann McKee, Johnnie McKee, Janice Mosby and Loretta Richardson for their unselfish dedication to Heritage.

“Jump jump/ You should know, that ahh/ Kris Kross is not having anything today/ As we stand there totally krossed out,/ we commence to make you jump jump.” Chris Kelly RIP

Wake Forest University’s senior jumper Erin Brooks is a winner after placing third in the women’s triple jump during the ACC track and field championship games at North Carolina State. Proud parents Derek and Yolanda Brooks, along with Linda James, cheered from the sidelines when Erin set Wake Forest’s school record for the triple jump.

“I wonder why you can always read a doctor's bill and you can never read his prescription.” Finley Peter Dunne

Get well wishes to Frank Hocker, Beverly Boston and Pecola “Penny” Blackwell and Art Peterson as they continue to recuperate.

“The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living.” Cicero

Our prayers and condolences to the families of Annie Hall, Barbara Hill, Leila Ray, Frances Finney, Gwendolyn McRae, Mary Ellis, Dr. Stephen Dwimoh, my kindergarten teacher Doris Gibson Williams  and John Patterson who died at the age of 103.

Happy Mother’s Day, Valerie & the Friday Night Bunch

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