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NEWS RELEASE: Comptroller Urges Marylanders to Shop Maryland Energy, February 15-17

Comptroller Urges Marylanders to Shop Maryland


EnergyFebruary 15-17


- Six Percent Sales Tax Waived on Qualifying ENERGY STAR Products-



Annapolis, MD (February 3, 2014) –Comptroller Peter Franchot today reminded Marylanders to take advantage of Shop Maryland Energy, a tax-free weekend on select ENERGY STAR appliances beginning at 12:01 a.m. Saturday, February 15, and ending  at 11:59 p.m. Monday, February 17.  The annual tax-free weekend, now in its fifth year, allows consumers to make qualifying purchases without paying the state’s six percent sales tax.

Shop Maryland Energy allows consumers who purchase ENERGY STAR qualified appliances to not only save money on the initial purchase, but to conserve energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce future energy expenses, all while simultaneously benefiting Maryland retailers with an increase in sales,” Comptroller Franchot said.

Duringthe Shop Maryland Energy event, air conditioners, washers and dryers, furnaces, heat pumps, standard-size refrigerators, compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL), dehumidifiers and programmable thermostats that have been designated as meeting or exceeding the applicable ENERGY STAR efficiency requirements developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy will be tax-free.

The ENERGY STAR, a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency program, was established in 1992 to reduce levels of greenhouse gas emissions and other harmful pollutants caused by the inefficient use of energy. The ENERGY STAR label assists consumers in identifying energy-efficient products that offer savings on energy bills without sacrificing performance, features of comfort.

 “Shop Maryland Energy is a win for everyone,” said Patrick Donoho, President of the Maryland Retailers Association. “It helps consumers save money when buying qualified appliances and the future energy costs in using more efficient appliances; it helps retailers re-introduce themselves to shoppers, and helps the environment by reducing the demand for energy.”

            A list of ENERGY STAR items may be found at: www.energystar.govFor more information, visit the Comptroller of Maryland's Web site,,, or call 410-260-7980 in Central Maryland, or toll-free, 1-800-MD-TAXES.