Healing for Women Brings Healing to Nations

Heal a Woman Heal a Nation (HWHN), the creation of Mothyna James-Brightful and her visionary team, recently celebrated its 11th annual conference weekend welcoming women leaders into a space of support for their businesses, causes and personal lives.

"The Heal A Woman to Heal A Nation Unlimited You Conference was phenomenal! The people I connected with and those I was reconnected with were so awesome and awe inspiring that I didn't want the conference to end,” said Tanefa Wallace. 

“All the speakers were geniuses at their craft and experts in their fields. I walked away with so much knowledge being poured into me; I have been feeling more blessed and highly favored than ever before.”

Another attendee described it this way.

"Last night…we laughed, we cried, we danced, we celebrated and honored incredibly inspiring women/queens! It was a beautiful experience,” said Carla Blackwell. “I'm looking forward to new knowledge, connections, and inspiration to be the Unlimited Me I was born to be as I attend day 2 of the HWHN conference.

Conference sponsors included BET Networks and the Rap.it. Up campaign, Constant Contact and COVERGIRL. 

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Healing for Women Brings Healing to Nations


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