Middle School Students Partake of ‘Pearls of Wisdom’

The young ladies at Thomas Jefferson Elementary/Middle School recently kicked off an initiative entitled “Pearls of Wisdom.”

The April 11 event, hosted by volunteer coordinator Vonda Leighton, exposed members of P.O.W.! to accomplished women in the area who shared experiences and expertise and enabled them to see the benefits of academic and professional excellence.

In addition to hearing some AFRO history, compliments of photographer Anderson Ward, the young women learned the real makeup of beauty and smart secrets of entrepreneurship. They were encouraged to “Wish it. Dream it. Do it.”

Upcoming events include more workshops and a field trip to City Hall.

Angela Kessler Henry is principal of the southwest Baltimore school community that prides itself on educating the students for now and equipping them for a successful future.

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Middle School Students Partake of 'Pearls of Wisdom'


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