AmeriHealth District of Columbia to Handle Medicaid in D.C.

As of May 1, AmeriHealth District of Columbia will provide Medicaid managed care and services to Medicaid beneficiaries residing in the D.C. area. AmeriHealth Caritas is a majority-owned subsidiary of Independence Blue Cross; Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan holds a minority interest.

There are 100,000 Medicaid beneficiaries living in the D.C. area that will now have access to AmeriHealth comprehensive suite services, which include physical health coverage, behavioral health, pharmacy services and dental and vision services; all designed to provide and improve the quality outcome for Medicaid beneficiaries.

The new AmeriHealth office will be located at 1120 Vermont Ave., NW and will have a staff of about 150 experienced employees. Karen Dale, who has over 25 years of experience in health care operations and will serve as the executive director of AmeriHealth.

Michael A. Rashid, president and chief executive officer of ACFC said, “AmeriHealth District of Columbia is staffed by a local, deeply experienced team led by Karen Dale, who is a talented, proven executive.

Together, they have served the District’s most vulnerable citizens for more than 25 years. We are excited about the opportunity to combine their District-focused experience with our national expertise in Medicaid managed care, as we work with providers, community partners and the District to improve access to effective and compassionate care for underserved populations living in this vibrant community.”

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AmeriHealth District of Columbia to Handle Medicaid in D.C.


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