Third South African Woman Ordained at Michigan Park

The Rev. Sindile Dlamini became the third South African woman ordained in this country, Sept. 9, at Michigan Park Christian Church, 1600 Taylor Street, N.E. in Washington, D.C. The Rev. Dr. Mankekolo Mahlangu-Ncgobo, the second South African woman ordained 22 years ago, preached the ordination sermon for the event.

Historically, apartheid created a destiny for Black women that included domestic, industrial and farm workers; and few teachers and nurses.

“Ordained ministry was first for White males and in the 70's Black men were ordained. Women were not even thought of in this vein,” according to Dr. Mahlangu-Ncogo. “The Rev. Motlalepula Chabaku was the first Black women to be ordained in this country and I am the second because both of us were in exile.”

She said the new ordinand is the first to complete a master of divinity degree in this country and also the first South African Black woman to graduate in the Howard School 6of Divinity.

The Rev. Marvin J. Owens Jr. is pastor of Michigan Park Christian Church.

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Third South African Woman Ordained at Michigan Park


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