Petitioners Seek Reinstatement of Suspended Cleveland Bus Driver

Hundreds of supporters are rallying to the side of a Cleveland bus driver who was suspended last month for punching and choking a woman passenger in an altercation on the bus.

According to, Regional Transit Authority bus driver Artis Hughes, 59, was suspended soon after a cell phone video of him upper cutting and scuffling with 25-year-old Shidea Lane went viral.

But as of Oct. 16, more than 1,000 people have signed a petition on asking Hughes to be reinstated. The driver has been with the company for 22 years.

In the now-notorious video, Lane's argument with Hughes quickly turned physical after she apparently pushed him. Hughes then responded by punching Lane and knocking her to the ground. After a scuffle ensued, witnesses attempted to break up the melee.

The footage of the incident exploded on the Internet Oct. 15.

In a sit-down with Cleveland's Fox News affiliate, Lane said the dispute originally happened on Sept. 18 and began after Hughes accused her of not having any money to board the bus. Shortly thereafter, an argument ensued and the dispute turned physical.

Hughes is listed as a victim in the police report and claims that he was defending himself after Lane threw the first hit. 

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Petitioners Seek Reinstatement of Suspended Cleveland Bus Driver


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