Dwayne Wade Grants High School Girl’s Wish

Pro basketball superstar Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat recently took time out from his participation in the National Basketball Association playoffs to make a Miami, Fla. high school senior’s wildest dream come true–in jaw-dropping fashion.

Archbishop Coleman Carroll High School senior Nicole Muxo said she wanted to make her prom memorable. So she created a home video inviting Wade to come to her prom May 18 and posted it on YouTube.

Of course, she did this because she is a Miami Heat fanatic and a big fan of Wade, but who would expect the Heat guard to show up at a high school prom of a fan he knew only through email and in the middle of the early rounds of the NBA playoffs?

On May 18 at the La Jolla Ballroom in Coral Gables, Fla. the excitement at Archbishop Coleman Carroll’s prom was kicked up a notch by the announcement that the senior was wanted for a speakerphone chat with Wade, who was scheduled for a day off from pro basketball after he and his team had eliminated the Chicago Bulls in the first round of the playoffs.

After a brief chat in which Wade told Muxo he wished her a “special night,” the phone conversation was ended. Seconds later, Wade showed up in the ballroom dressed in a dark suit and tieless, open-collar white shirt for the prom.

Amid cheers, Wade handed Muxo a bouquet of roses, met Muxo’s family and danced with the astonished senior to Michael Jackson’s, “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough.” When her prom date, Laurent Chaumin, complimented Wade on his prom attire, the six-foot, four-inch guard said, "I'm the third wheel."

In a post-prom video posted online, Muxo said, “I had no idea he was coming. I was totally shocked.”

According to an account of the encounter in the Huffington Post, this was not the first time Muxo had invited Wade to a high school event. "… I asked him to homecoming, but the season was about to start, and he had practice, so he couldn't make it, so I thought, why not take another shot and ask him to the prom?"

“I’m going to remember it forever,” Muxo said, according to upi.com. of her surprise date. “This was the highlight of my senior year.”

Wade, who encouraged the prom crowd to join him and Muxo on the dance floor, later acknowledged Muxo’s persistence and, in a Twitter posting after the event, said "I had a blast at Prom" and "Never be 2 scared to ask."

As Wade pulled off, he left with saying “I’m just glad we can make dreams come true.”

Dwayne Wade Grants High School Girl's Wish


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