SE District’s Alleged Kiddie Porn Doc Appears in Ct., Held Without Bond

Robert Paul Dickey, a well-known Washington D.C. pediatrician, was directed to spend Memorial Day weekend in jail following a brief D.C. Superior Court appearance May 23.

Dickey faces possession of child pornography charges.

As he walked into the courtroom, holding his oversized orange prison uniform up to his chest, he sat down with a slight smile on his face.

Due to his impaired hearing, he was handed a headset so that he hear the judge more clearly. At one point, he turned around to peer into the audience.

As he noticed his wife and several of his patients their families, he smiled and turned back around.

Dickey received a master’s degree in chemical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1962. Following that, he went to work as an engineer for the CIA, according to The Washington Post’s profile. He earned a degree from the University of Minnesota’s medical school in 1970, according to that state’s Board of Medical Practices. He was licensed in Minnesota as a physician and surgeon until 1977, when he moved to the District.

He has no prior criminal record in the region.

According to court documents, local authorities’ interest in Dickey in connection with child pornography began on April 3 after Dickey’s e-mail address was connected to the download of 14 pornographic images, according to the criminal complaint. The images included underage boys and girls performing sex acts, the complaint said.

Authorities said they seized from Dickey’s home a desktop computer, a computer hard drive and other equipment, which contained images of pornography involving minors.

Dickey is being held without bond and is to appear in court May 30.

If Dickey is found guilty of knowingly receiving and possessing child porn, he could possibly go to prison for a minimum of five years and a maximum of 30 years, with fines totaling more than $500,000.

Shawn Ellerbe, whose family has been treated by Dickey for 15 years, told the AFRO: “I feel saddened about the whole situation. I pray everything goes well so he can be released and retire.”

Another patient, Sabrina Milam, who said she has known Dickey for 33, told the AFRO. “I trusted him. He was a very good pediatrician and attentive to the children. I feel betrayed and hurt. I’m thoroughly disgusted.” 

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SE  District's Alleged Kiddie Porn Doc Appears in Ct., Held Without Bond


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