Voices From the March

Ben Jealous NAACP Pres.

"Turnout today is great. This will go down as one of the most diverse Marches on Washington and probbly the most grass-roots."

"The most important thing is people will leave here commited to going home and doing the hard work. There's plenty of things happening, whether it's raising the minimum wage, to getting rid of stand your ground or restoring the right to vote, people have been planning and organizing for weeks and this will just put winds in our back as we go into the fall and next spring with very serious fights we must win."


"Eventually, the future will catch up with places like North Carolina and FL and Texas."

End of Jealous Quotes


Marc Morial

"This is a commemorative event the efforts of 50 years ago, but it's a continuation of that event. Because what's on my mind are today's challenges, challenges of jobs and the economy. Schools and education, the attacks on voting rights the need to reform the criminal justive system. The cindit of health dispatities in this nation. Todays issues. And is is a time of committemnt. And renewal and cintinuation. "

Came with sons and daughtera and friends

"The reason why we bought the children is they need to experience this they need to understand what this is about. They need to know why we are here and have this experience and these memories etched in their souls for the rest of their lives. "

"we've come forward but we have new challenges, new headwinds. Headwinds on the attack of democracy.
Hadwinds in the post recession amercica leaves too high unemployment particularly on blCk men in cities across the nation. Weve got to commit to eradicatig tnose challenges.


Jesse Jackson

"Now there are the economic gaps, the job gaps the health care gap, the housing gap, the wage gap."

"We need cooperatio and legislation. It's not really motivation. We are very motivated. There are a lot of motivated speakers that inspire people. That's a good thing."

"We went from being denied to vote to the White House. It's quite a journey."


"Hope is the only weapon that underprivileged people have. If we give up hope, the grape will become the raisin. We must stand up and fight back."


Willie Brown Jr. Former Mayor of San Francisco

On this day:

"Obviosly, it's a renewal of the sruggle. And a reminder that the struggle continues. The same reason that brought King and his crowd here in 63' exists today except in a far more sophisticated threatening manner."

"Progress for me is only measureable by how few people are still suffering not by how many have gained."

COMPARING 1963 to 2013

"When you know that the unemployment is at the level that it is, when you know the education level is where it is, you absolutely know that you're not doing any better."

Voices From the March


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