Ga. Court Lists “Slave” As an Occupation on Juror Questionnaire

A new online juror questionnaire for the DeKalb County Court in Georgia is under scrutiny after listing ‘Slave’ as an option under the occupation section of the form.

According to USA Today on Nov. 25, a man who didn’t want to be identified was completing a new juror questionnaire and, searching under the letter ‘S’ for occupation and intending to put “sales,” instead he noticed ‘Slave’ was listed as a job option.

Court Administrator Cathy McCumber could not be reached for comment, but said in a statement to Atlanta NBC affiliate WXIA, “the online form just went live a month ago, and the list of occupations originated from the county’s previously offline catalogue, which had been used for 13 years prior.”

“That is not an occupation, slave is not an occupation,” DeKalb resident Cheryl Glass told the TV station.

The new online form became an option for residents of DeKalb County in October, and a month later, mistakes are surfacing.

Software creator Anna Wyatt, part of the company that created the program said in a statement, “hopefully it’s just a glitch and hopefully it will be worked out. It doesn’t make sense, but at the same time people make mistakes.”

Although it will take time for an investigation to figure out how the word entered the form’s database, McCumber said, “an hour after the mistake was reported to court officials,” they removed the word that caused a sudden uproar

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Ga. Court Lists "Slave" As an Occupation on Juror Questionnaire


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