Shot Twice in Eye, 13-Year-Old Helps Lead National Anthem at Mets-Yankee’s Game

Even before he sang the national anthem May 15 the crowd at Citi Field was on its feet and cheering. Gama Droiville, an East Flatbush teenager, was helping to lead the Star Spangled Banner at a game between the Mets and Yankees just a month after being shot twice in the eye.

The 13 year-old was hit by two stray bullets that police said were intended for someone else when a gunman opened fire outside the Brooklyn pizzeria where Gama was standing with his aunt.

The boy was rushed to Kings County Hospital where he was treated for gunshot wounds to the eye socket, police said. It was the same hospital, according to the New York Post, where a 24-year-old man, who police believe was the intended target, was taken after being hit once in the leg in the same incident.

Droiville was released from Kings County the following week after treatment, making what hospital officials said is a full recovery.

While at the hospital, Droiville spoke at the hospital‘s community advisory board meeting, joining representatives of the Kings Against Violence Initiative (KAVI).

“I just want to say thank you to everybody for the prayers and support, and to just keep me in prayer,” Droiville said.

The Kings Against Violence Initiative, a hospital-based group, fosters violence intervention and prevention strategies, targeting young men and women who are being treated at hospitals. In addition, KAVI has a school-based program that focuses on prevention, mentoring and personal development strategies for at-risk youth.

According to the Daily News, police arrested Kareem Potomont, 21, of Brooklyn and charged him with attempted murder

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Shot Twice in Eye, 13-Year-Old Helps Lead National Anthem at Mets-Yankee's Game


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