Home MLK Jr. Memorial Coverage Originally published October 16, 2011

Claudyne Jefferson, Nashville, TN

by Valencia Mohammed

    Claudyne Jefferson (Courtesy Photo/Valencia Mohammed)
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Claudyne Jefferson, 64, Nashville, TN said looking at the monument is like envisioning accomplishing a milestone. “This tribute to the works and life of Dr. King says that we are determined to obtain our full equal rights. It is breathtaking to see that Dr. King is memorialized on the National Mall with presidents. Many people don’t realize it but some of Dr. King’s biggest critics were Black people. But he didn’t care because Dr. King was guided by a higher power. I may not have participated in the protests at a young age but I did feel the results of the Civil Rights Movement. This statue is a constant reminder to all generations of Blacks to come that we struggled hard for you to be here. It’s time for them to recognize it and continue our struggle for equality.

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