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Lupus Foundation to Hold Annual Walk

by AFRO Staff

    Lupus Foundation. (Courtesy Image)
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A purple parade of over 4,000 walkers will march for the rising ranks of lupus patients in D.C., Maryland and Virginia — now more than 80,000 strong and served by the Lupus Foundation of America-D.C./Maryland Virginia Chapter. With participant numbers now quintupling since the first event, the 8th Annual DC Walk to End Lupus Now on April 19 will kick off at 9:00 a.m. between 13th and 12th Sts N.W.

Lupus is a chronic, potentially fatal, autoimmune disease with no known cure that can damage any organ system of the body.

"We walk for those who can’t,” said Jessica Gilbart, who is president and CEO of the D.C. chapter of the Lupus Foundation of America. “Walk donations are critical to funding our free services, support and education that help local lupus patients thrive while living with this devastating disease. “We want the lupus community to take charge and feel empowered of their health.”

Walk proceeds fund the Chapter’s Award Winning Patient Navigation Program that includes phone support, an emergency assistance fund, 16 support groups, 3 statewide summits, teleconferences, and personalized guidance to overcome obstacles associated with the disease.

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