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2013 NCAA Tournament Bracket Prediction

by Perry Green
AFRO Sports Editor

    NCAA Basketball (Courtesy Image)
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It's the time of the year when every college basketball fan in the nation, casual or diehard, tries to pick the winner of each round of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Seldom does anyone, experts included, successfully pick the right teams--but at least you can't feel too bad about your own bracket.

That said, here’s my official ‘guestimation’ of who will advance on through each round into the Final Four and ultimately claim the 2013 NCAA basketball title. Have fun, fellow bracketologists, and don’t steal my picks!    
Midwest Region
-  No. 1 Louisville over No. 16 N.C. A&T
-  No. 8 Colorado over No. 9 Missouri
No. 5 Oklahoma State over No. 12 Oregon
-  No. 4 St. Louis over No. 13 New Mexico State
-  No. 6 Memphis over No. 11 Saint Mary’s
-  No. 3 Michigan State over No. 14 Valpariso
-  No. 7 Creighton over No. 10 Cincinnati
-  No.  2 Duke over No. 15 Albany
Round of 32
– Louisville over Missouri; Oklahoma State over St. Louis. Memphis over Michigan State, while Creighton upsets Duke.
Sweet 16 – Louisville over Oklahoma State; Michigan State over Creighton.
Regional Finals (Elite 8) – Louisville over Michigan State.

South Region
-  No. 1 Kansas over No. 16 West Kentucky
-  No. 8 North Carolina over No. 9 Villanova
-  No. 5 VCU over No. 12 Akron
-  No. 4 Michigan over No. 13 South Dakota
-  No. 6 UCLA over No. 11 Minnesota
-  No. 3 Florida over No. 14 Northwestern
-  No. 10 Oklahoma over No. 7 San Diego State
-  No. 2 Georgetown over No. 15 Florida Coast Gulf
Round of 32 –
Kansas over North Carolina; VCU over Michigan. Florida over UCLA; Georgetown over Oklahoma.
Sweet 16 – Kansas over VCU, while Georgetown will edge Florida.
Regional Finals (Elite 8) – Kansas beats Georgetown.

West Region
-  No.1 Gonzaga over No. 16 Southern
-  No. 8 Pittsburgh over No. 9 Wichita State
-  No. 5 Wisconsin over No. 12 Ole Miss
-  No. 4 Kansas State over No. 13 La Salle
-  No. 6 Arizona over No.11 Belmont
-  No. 3 New Mexico over No. 14 Harvard
-  No. 10 Iowa State over No. 7 Notre Dame
-  No. 2 Ohio State over No. 15 Iona
Round of 32 –
Pitt upsets Gonzaga;  Wisconsin over KSU. New Mexico over Arizona; Ohio State over Iowa State.  
Sweet 16 – Pitt over KSU; Ohio State beats New Mexico.
Regional Finals (Elite 8) – Ohio State over Pitt.
East Regional

-  No. 1 Indiana over No. 16 James Madison
-  No. 8 N.C. State over No. 9 Temple
-  No. 5 UNLV over No.12 California
-  No. 4 Syracuse over No. 13 Montana
-  No. 6 Butler over No. 11 Bucknell
-  No. 3 Marquette over No. 14 Davidson
-  No. 7 Illinois over No. 10 Colorado
-  No. 2 Miami over No. 15 Pacific
Round of 32
– Indiana over N.C State; UNLV over Syracuse. Marquette over Butler; Miami over Illinois.
Sweet 16 – Indiana over UNLV; Miami over Marquette.
Regional Finals (Elite 8) – Miami over Indiana

**FINAL FOUR – Louisville (Midwest Region) over Ohio State (West Region); Miami (East Region) over Kansas (South Region).  

**NCAA Championship Game – Miami over Louisville.

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