Being able to finish a task, any task, is a mark of success by anyone’s accounting.

In Life Happens…But You Can Finish, the Rev. Frances “Toni” Draper and Pam Love reveal how hard it is to complete a project and break down the science of finishing.

Life Happens tells the stories of 12 women who have suffered from traumatic lifestyles but still found strength within themselves to blossom in life. The stories are relatable, and I was intrigued the entire time while reading, anxious to get to the end of each woman’s story to see how she pulled herself up.

Domestic violence is a huge problem that affects many men and women. It is something that can physically and mentally distort a person. Yolanda Cumbess was a finisher that dealt with abuse from the men she dated. She describes the emotional and physical abuse she endured but that is quickly overshadowed by her success story. I feel like anyone from the poorest person with little education, to the richest person with the most education can read it, understand it, and walk away with empowering knowledge.

Delois Pearsall is another amazing finisher that explains her childhood growing up. Her mother suffered with a mental illness and, for some reason, favored her other siblings. No matter what Pearsall did, in the eyes of her mother it was never good enough. Childhood is an essential part of a human beings’ life. What happens in one’s childhood can heavily affect what an individual does as an adult. Pearsall’s experience is proof that even being unacceptable to your mother doesn’t necessarily hinder your success. You have to find that drive from within yourself.

Black women have historically had a harder time in American society, so the fact that all these successful stories are coming from Black women is awesome. Life is a battlefield; some are stronger fighters than others, but through the messages displayed in this book one can find self-will. It’s a great read, especially if you need a little push right now. It will inspire you to be a finisher.

There will be an official book launch, 7 p.m., March 27 at Community of Hope AME Church in Temple Hills, Md. and another, 3 p.m., March 29 at the Palisades in Arundel Mills. Also check out the Life Happens Facebook page.