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Wells Fargo Launches College Financial Prep Website

Wells Fargo, one of the world’s leading lenders, has launched a Get College Ready online initiative to prepare parents and would-be students for the financial gauntlet of higher education.

On April 7, Wells Fargo introduced an interactive website that offers potential college students and their parents the tools–including financial quizzes, a calculator, videos and educational articles—needed to achieve the financial literacy needed to cope with college, especially money management.

“As a father of three, I can relate to the questions that parents and students ask when trying to understand all the factors that go into paying for a college education,” John Rasmussen, head of Wells Fargo’s Education Financial Services said. “The Get College Ready website is a user-friendly interface that will help bring clarity to the financial milestones that parents and students face when preparing for college.”

According to Wells Fargo officials, the Get College Ready program was created because funding education can be one of the most important financial investments.

Get College Ready offers families free information about financial planning for college—including comparing education award letters, understanding available financing products and resources and finding ways to cover non-tuition expenses: books, meals, off-campus housing rent , campus events and miscellaneous expenses.

“We’re in the business of serving customers and working collaboratively to position them for success. This tool is a key ingredient to help them achieve their dream of a higher education,” Rasmussen said.

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Wells Fargo Launches College Financial Prep Website