By Tim Lacy, Special to the AFRO

For all of you football, baseball, basketball and hockey fans, this an opportunity to rest your minds and take a break from yelling at the TV because it seems your favorite team is being treated unfairly.  This may come to you as a public service announcement, and it probably is.

If you are like me, you gaze at the TV watching the game of the day, thinking of the days of yesteryear when you were a pretty good jock in your own right.  I have a suggestion, get off your butt and join a gym.  It ain’t easy, but it ain’t hard either.  My spouse caught me in mid stride headed for the kitchen for another cold one. “You need to turn off that TV and come with me to the gym.” This was said as she trotted up the steps headed for a change into her gym gear. I was in the process of poo pooing her suggestion as I turned away from the fridge and almost fell on my butt.

She had a personal trainer and she spoke of him often. I got a picture of this muscle bound idiot who couldn’t find a day job. But, I figured I would investigate this new adventure just to shut her up. I met Michael, and I quickly noticed he wasn’t one of these guys who handed you a 20 pound weight and told you to stand in the corner until he came back.  Looking around I was quickly aware that this wasn’t some purple and pink operation with leotard laden cuties walking the treadmill.  This joint was dressed for the occasion.

So I figured this required further investigation. I was introduced to Tim Gallagher the owner.  Not some old dude with fat pockets standing around counting his daily take.  This was a guy who could strip to the waist and knock you on your butt if you got it twisted.  Tim had a bright smile, firm handshake and he spoke English.  I was sold.

I looked around the gym and noticed the trainers had hand held tablets with training plans for their clients.  Michael walked up to me and offered to give me an evaluation.  I could have saved him the trouble.  I didn’t need a session with a 90 pound weight; I needed a sandwich.  At any rate I signed up.

The name of the place is The Colosseum.  No gladiators in attendance, but some of the inmates would qualify.  It was now I went into an investigative mode.  Tim opened this enterprise with two partners, another trainer and his wife.  The wife taught school with my wife so for me this made it all legit.  Tim was in the military at the time, and when he returned the partnership was resolved (another story).  However I learned how serious his desire was to use his skills.  He and Michael have completed classes on how to help offset Parkinson’s Disease.  They hold classes for those with that need.  These guys go to work at 4 a.m. to accommodate the work crowd, and stay all day to be available for other clients.

If you think your time has passed, you are wrong.  One trainer Allan Stephenson trains his Mom and Dad.  Dad is 81 yrs young and the session is no joke.

So I leave you with a belated Happy Christmas wish and a suggestion for your New Year’s resolution.  Go to the gym!!!