By Tim Lacy, Special to the AFRO

THE SUPERBOWL left us with a, “Ho hum, what else is new” attitude when Tom Brady and the Patriots won again.  However, with this being BLACK HISTORY MONTH, this event provided the perfect seque to showcase other events that affect African Americans and other ethnic groups who needed their causes brought to the front.

Most recently the efforts of former 49er Quarterback Colin Kaepernick to call attention to racial injustice provided him with unemployment.  Kap attempted to start the conversation by throwing himself on the sword.  His efforts were seen and misinterpreted when he chose to kneel during the National Anthem before games.  This action spread across the nation like wildfire.  The Head of State weighed in with the wrong interpretation and the NFL  spun into it’s usual state of confusion.  The issue is still unsettled, and in the meantime Kap has no job.

In the meantime some of the premier athletes chose this opportunity, since sports hit the front pages because of the Super Bowl, to show solidarity in another way.  To name a few, LeBron James and Kevin Durant are wearing a game jersey with Kap’s number.  Just the sight of these high profile athletes showing their support started the buzz again.

When questioned, some high profile football players have been very vocal over the fact that Kap has more talent than most of the players with jobs in back-up roles. From time to time a team will call Kap in for a look in an effort to put the talk of “BLACKBALL” to rest.  Teams management claims that Kap’s style of play doesn’t fit their system.  That is a bunch of crap, since all of America saw Kap lead the 49ers to the Superbowl a few seasons ago.

Owners have the power to do what they want as long as they keep the product fresh and butts in the seats.

This condition is not just about football. A few years ago Cincinnati Reds owner Marge Schott was exposed by players as being racist. Her denials fell on deaf ears when people in her inner circle blew the whistle on her racist attitude. Further investigation revealed Nazi memorabilia displayed in her home.  She lost her team, but not her attitude.

Hold on!  It’s not time to relax. Chicago Cubs majority owner Joe Ricketts has just been called out for his racist attitude and behavior. At the moment, MLB is in the process of showing him to the door.

So, be aware, Jim Crow is alive and well, and spreading his poison across a nation that is struggling to heal.