Black Man Found Hanging From Tree in Georgia


A man found hanging from a tree in Georgia died by his own hand, according to the results of an autopsy.

Roosevelt Champion III

NBC News reported that the body of Roosevelt Champion III, 43, was found May 11 by a neighbor in Greensboro, Ga. However, a subsequent investigation found that he hanged himself.

“The results of the autopsy are that the manner of death is suicide and the cause of death is hanging,” the Georgia Bureau of Investigation told The Huffington Post. “After a thorough autopsy examination, there was no evidence of any inflicted trauma to Champion’s body.”

Champion was hanging from the tree by a strap used to secure cargo on car roofs.  He had no visible wounds and his feet brushing the ground.

“I’m angry, I’m angry because I don’t have answers,” Champion’s sister Miranda Wright, told NBC News. “He do a lot of things but he wouldn’t have harmed himself, I doubt it.”

Prior to his dead, police questioned Champion about the May 2 death of a 55-year-old White woman. Champion was found hanging from a tree behind a residence that was not his own, according to the Greensboro Police Department.

“I understand that there is a lot of concern,” raised by the news of a Black man found hanged in the Deep South, Georgia Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Joe Wooten told NBC. “Because of that, we’re going to be as transparent as we can be.”