Ean Williams Rips the Runway as Director of D.C. Fashion Week


An illuminated scene was set as a large audience gathered to see experienced U.S. and international fashion designers divulge their latest trends at the 24th semi-annual D.C. Fashion Week.Article12 DC Fashion 2

The event was directed and founded by Ean Williams, designer of CORJOR International, and was held Feb. 24 through Feb. 28.

Amber flames pirouetted out of rustic vases in front of emerald backdrops and a dimly lit runway for the opening show at the Embassy Suites in Northwest D.C., which exclusively showcased the CORJOR line. The line featured rich A-Line silhouettes, draped in rustic tan lace, shimmery gold embellishments, metallic blacks and heavy fur.  

“Our mission statement here is to establish Washington D.C. as a center of international fashion. D.C. is just so diverse and so cultural and is home to so many embassies, that it just wouldn’t be right if we only focused on D.C. talent.” Williams said.

Since its inception in 2003, D.C. Fashion Week has won various awards, including the 2015 Best of Washington Awards for Tourist Attractions. To date, it is the lowest-priced fashion show week in North America for designers entering the exhibits.

True to its theme of global fashion, the four-day extravaganza ended with a large showcase at the Carnegie Library in Northwest.

High ceilings, bright iridescent lighting and red drapery for the catwalk fancied attendees as they watched the assembly of wide-ranged skin hues dart the runway with high color, high couture garments from such countries as Serbia, Nigeria, Russia and Cameroon.

“It is important to have an international experience with fashion,” Williams said. “Sometimes a designer may have a concept and then realize that the roots of the inspiration come from another country.”

For the first time, Williams will join 12 other major fashion weeks around the world for a “designer exchange” of ideas and cultures, intended to allow fashion platforms to expand to other designers around the world.

“This is the first time where we are specifically showcasing special D.C. designers in places like Serbia Fashion week and then having, in return, special Serbia designers in D.C. Fashion week. So it’s an automatic tradeoff.” Williams said.

The high couture international fashion show embodied many sexy silhouettes, provocative formal wear and risk-taking patterns, but also incorporated elements of modesty and mystic elements in traditional wear such as Arabic hijabs and abayas adorned with brilliant jewels and lace.

“The turnout of this fashion show was fantastic,” said Jimmy Jones, the event’s associate producer. “To think, all of this started with a dream from two little country boys, Ean and myself and look how it has turned out. Truly splendid.”

To browse through Williams’ collections, visit: shopmagnumonline.com and corjor.com. D.C. Fashion Week is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing economic development in the fashion design, merchandising and modeling industries. D.C. Fashion Week also offers a Next Gen program that sponsors college students with good academic standing in fashion merchandising programs to participate as emerging designers. For more information on D.C. fashion and international couture, visit dcfashionweek.org.