By Joi Thomas, Special to the AFRO

2019 is here and you are alive to see it. Taking time to look over the successes and failures of the old year and planning to be productive in the New Year often results in New Year’s resolutions.

I urge you to let 2019 be the year you make things happen. Let this be the year you stick to your plan. As a matter of fact, instead of just making a list of resolutions, make a plan for how to accomplish each one. The great thing about it is the church community has many resources to help you be successful this year.

If you are looking to improve your finances, Greater Harvest Baptist Church is hosting “An Evening of Financial Empowerment” on Jan. 16, at 6:30 pm. This event will give you information to help you get out of debt in nine years, increase your cash flow, save for college, prepare for retirement and more. If financial stability and empowerment is on your resolution list, this is the perfect event for you.

Maybe you want to develop a closer relationship with God this year and don’t know where to start.  You can start at a New Year’s revival. Two churches are having a New Year’s revival this week and there is still time to make it to a service. First Baptist Church of Glenarden is holding a New Year’s Revival Wednesday Jan. 2, through January 4th, at 7 p.m. nightly. Freedom Church and House of Judah Ministries are hosting a New Year’s Revival and the closing service is Jan. 3, at 7 p.m. The service will be held at Freedom Church and Ministries.

Maybe this year your resolution is to get over past hurts, get to know yourself better, improve your relationship with your spouse, or just improve your overall mental health. The Renaissance Christian Counseling Center can help you. According to their website, “The Renaissance Center ministers to the whole person by providing healing for the mind, spirit and body by offering supportive counseling services. The outcome of our services is to strengthen individuals and families so they can live a more productive and healthy lifestyle. We also want to enable persons to reach a level of growth and resilience through reconciliation that will ultimately lead to a more balanced life. The Renaissance Center fulfills a critical need in the community for accessible mental health services with a spiritual foundation.”  Call them and get more information on how they can help you meet your specific goal.

I pray that 2019 is a game changer for you. Plan to succeed and watch God allow you to win!