It’s cold outside folks; let’s face it. The blah of Washington, D.C.’s winter can make you feel like a famous airline slogan, “Wanna get away!”  As for me, I want to travel far, far away and put on some “happy” wears.

“I wanna go where the sun has sprinkled the rainbow all over my clothes and even my toes.  I wanna wear colorful midriffs, flowy skirts and cool shades while the sun drips radiance all over my face.  I wanna breeze down the sunlit sands of a desert beach that won’t blow me down any neighborhood street.  I’m going to Portugal, Spain, a Bahamas getaway, or a moonlight cruise through Montego Bay.  I have got to get away! And I’ve got the wears to take me there, I found them all at Macy’s, right around here.”

Let’s Cruise Away in Macy’s Resort Fashion Today!/Rocking That Style! Aunni’s Fashion and Beauty Column (Courtesy Photos)

I researched the luxury trends in resort and cruise fashion on all the chic and boutique fashion websites.  The one-of-a-kind styles boasted hip design, perfectly shaped tops and bottoms, statement jackets,  “it” bags and accessories, and all were super expensive.  The luxury resort and cruise designers had created unique details and conquered innovative fabric technologies.  I began to imagine my resort budget as the incredible shrinking dollar bill.   

I decided to take a look at, after that luxury downer.  I found many resort and cruise design inspirations for women and men at moderate prices.  The designs were cool, and the styles were cute! I found my rainbow.  Some mega designers like Ralph Lauren, DKNY, Calvin Klein and Michael Kors have luxury inspired collections at Macy’s. Other designers like Bar III are innovators that design exclusively for the retailer.

Professor Karen Pine tells us there is psychological power in the right choices of clothing that can influence a person’s happiness.  Pine, a psychology expert, gave her inaugural public lecture on “The Psychology of Fashion” at Bilgi University, Istanbul, in 2011.  Meditating on her thoughts set my passion on fire.  I marched right down to Macy’s Downtown-Metro Center and picked out all my “happy” outfits for resort and cruise travel gear.

I immediately fancied a hot pink and red number by Maison Jules, a colorblocked jumpsuit designed exclusively for Macy’s.  It was everything I hoped for—a wrapped tie-front bodice and wide, flowy pant legs.  I was over the top when I found my “it” bag, the Calvin Klein “Reese” Floral Studded tote, to be exact. An extra large tote in a black floral pattern, this bag reps how I want to fashion my style.  I picked the latest Kenneth Cole stiletto sandals to set the look off.  You can never be too tall in heels! As for jewelry, I was set ablaze with Thalia’s Sodi’s two-tone, red crystal lips on gold hardware.  I loved the pendant necklace, drop-hoop earrings, the cuff bracelet, and the stretch ring.  What a fashion jubilee!  I was “happy!”  The sun had kissed my face as I basked in Macy’s resort and cruise wear.

For my guy, I picked out a baby-blue, adidas superstar tracksuit and trefoil logo tee.  I wanted him blue as sunny skies lingering over the bluest ocean in the Maldives.  Macy’s even has the Adidas carolina blue and white superstar sneakers to match.  To finalize my guy’s look, I chose a dark blue, camo print Michael Kors backpack.  My vision of resort and cruise was perfected and I was ready to travel far, far away.

Andrea “Aunni” Young, Rocking That Style! Columnist

My incredible shrinking dollar bill budget stretched far and wide with Megan Lugo at my side.  

“I am available to help a customer looking for a last minute outfit, a special occasion ensemble or even a complete wardrobe refresh to find what they need,” Lugo dished.  Lugo is a Macy’s stylist at the Downtown-Metro flagship store and her service is free.  I recommend her.  

See you on the fashion runway. Ciao!