By Mark F. Gray, Staff Writer, [email protected]

Since mid-February NBC-4 reporter Molette Green has been live, local and late breaking while in boot camp on early morning TV.  With her fitness trainer and coach Leona Brown, Green has teamed up in a fight to combat against heart disease and wellness issues affecting people of color throughout the D.M.V.

Green is the face of NBC-4 Washington’s Spring Fitness Campaign that will reach its crescendo on April 12 from 5:30 – 7 a.m. when the station’s morning show will broadcast a free pop up version of the boot camp from the Westphalia Community Center in Upper Marlboro.  She and Brown have become have a daily regimen for morning viewers watching as they champion the cause for diet, exercise and healthy living.

NBC-4 reporter Molette Green and her trainer Leona Brown who are collaborating for NBC-4 Washington’s Spring Fitness Campaign. (Courtesy Photo)

“We’re trying to light a spark under everyone especially – people of color – that you’ve got to eat cleaner and exercise regularly and you can’t do one without the other,” Green tells the AFRO.  “[Prince George’s] County is struggling with high rates of heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.”

“There are more dialysis centers than there are grocery stores throughout my county and there is something wrong with that.”

Brown’s presence during the three segments that Mollete reports from each morning are examples of what most part time workout warriors need to be consistent with their exercise program.  In almost two decades as a personal trainer she has seen many people who have intended to be vigilant with an exercise program only to fall by the wayside when “life happens”.

“Often times when things happen in your personal life it’s hard to maintain consistency with your workout regimen. That’s when you can’t fall off the wagon,” Brown said to the AFRO.   “Sometime people just need a coach to help coach, mentor and create a lifestyle change.”

The television platform allows Brown to enlighten audiences about the lifestyle changing aspects of health and wellness and setting up a game plan for fitness.  It starts by finding a “life rhythm” when there is balance between work, exercise and family time.  When a person can find synergy between all those aspects of their personal life they can enjoy wellness.

“Life rhythm is achieved when the work schedule, exercise and family responsibilities are planned out as the new regimen begins,” Brown said.  “Wellness can then be achieved when there is a healthy balance mentally, physically and in all aspects of your life.”

Brown’s passion has rubbed off on Green and it seems to have been infectious.  Since the two have started their morning show collaboration it has become an inspiration for fans who understand the value of physical activity and dieting as a part of their personal wellness goals.  The televised boot camp process has created a greater awareness between eating cleaner and exercise which helps drop weight and most important helps most people simply feel better.

“You can’t do one without the other to reach your goals,” Green said.  “If you are working out but eating bad food that’s not going to work.

The admiration for the passion to lead the charge to healthier lifestyles is two fold.  At some point during this process it has become more than just a news segment for a professional journalist and exposure for a personal trainer.  Each seems to have found a greater calling to reach people and change the thought processes through their visibility.

“I Love Leona, she is just so passionate about helping people understand how they can live healthier lives,” Green said.  “I’ve learned by watching my family how cancer, heart disease and diabetes can be devastating.”