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AFRO Black History: Preserving Our Legacy

    The Black Panthers

      They were not only young and angry, but thought they could change the world. And in the course of 10 years, they did. Aarmed with sincerity, the words of revolutionaries such as Mao Tse-Tung and...

    Week I — Carter G. Woodson: A Man Beyond His Time

    Carter G. Woodson seemed born to defy the odds. The future father of Black history came into the world on Dec. 19, 1875, in New Canton, Va., during a time both of upheaval and promise....

    Calvin G. Butler, Jr. — BGE CEO

    Calvin G. Butler, Jr., BGE CEO, shares influencers on his career that were crucial to his success as well as advice to be successful. Click on Continue Reading and watch his video clip. BGE...

    Week IV — ASALH is Woodson’s Dream ‘Come True’

    By Zenitha Prince Senior AFRO Correspondent Carter G. Woodson had a dream – to legitimize and establish the true place of the Black race in the world’s history, and in so doing change the Negro’s view...



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