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    Baltimore Blight: Is this your house?

    514 S. Smallwood St. #isthisyourhouse #FlightBlightBmore

    Victims of GTTF Still Reeling

    By Stephen Janis, Special to the AFRO It’s been nearly a year since Baltimore resident Ivan Potts was freed from prison for a crime he didn’t commit, and for him, nothing has changed. “it’s really been a...

    They Can’t Kill Us All

    By Dr. Karsonya Wise Whitehead, Special to the AFRO There are neighborhoods in Baltimore City that feel like they are remote, cut off from the rest of the city, distant. I have spent the last...

    United Baptist Missionary Convention: `Rebuilding Community’

    By Joi Thomas, Special to the AFRO The United Baptist Missionary Convention and Auxiliaries of the State of Maryland (UBMC), is gearing up for its annual statewide institute, March 4-8.  This year’s theme is “Rebuilding Community,...

    RAMBLING ROSE: Gospel Coming to the Hollywood Casino at Charles Town

    By Rosa Pryor, Special to the AFRO Hello my friends, my goodness so much has gone on since I talked to you last. I will only mention a few. First I want to publically and...

    Baltimore Blight: Is this your house?

    222 N. Payson St. #isthisyourhouse #FlightBlightBmore

    Baltimore Blight: Is this your house?

    527 N. Calhoun Street

    New Commissioner Meets Residents of Northwest Baltimore

    By Stephan Janis, Special to the AFRO In a city reeling from consecutive years of record violence, the police commissioner designate Michael Harrison’s first encounter with Baltimore residents had a sense of urgency. Despite a wintry mix...

    Mosby to Stop Prosecuting Marijuana Possession

    By J. K. Schmid, Special to the AFRO Baltimore City State’s Attorney announced her office will no longer be prosecuting marijuana possession cases, Tuesday. “We need to get serious about prioritizing what actually makes us safe,”...

    Healing Baltimore with Straight Talk, House Music

    By Rev. Dorothy Boulware, Special to the AFRO If it’s Friday in Baltimore, what mix could be better than a great discussion about the city’s revival and house music. What a combination! It’s the treat of the evening...

    Baltimore Group Awarding Grants to Local Changemakers

    Baltimore, MD (BlackNews.com) -- Building Black Futures Together is their motto. CLLCTIVLY.org, a community-based organization in Baltimore is spearheading an effort to show the tremendous impact Black lives are having throughout the community. Each...

    Farmer Nell & Doc Cheatham: Freedom Fighters for Food Sovereignty

    By Tiffany C. Ginyard, Special to the Afro “We are concerned about the constant use of federal funds to support this most notorious expression of segregation. Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health is...



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