Thursday, April 2, 2020


Black DC Residents Fight for Climate Change Bill

By James Wright, Special to the AFRO, [email protected] African Americans in the District of Columbia are concerned about the quality of the environment and are taking steps to become more active. On April 13, a handful of Black residents attended a rally in...

Trump Stance on the Environment is a Disgrace

For years now I have been spreading the message to protect, preserve, and to give honor to the very being that all life resides upon, EARTH. Our newly-elected president, Donald Trump has a very different message. His stance is to...

Legislative Update: Despite Tight Landfill Space, Mattress Recycling Bill Failed

 By Jared Beinart, Capital News Service “End-of-life” mattresses and box springs are often discarded in landfills or illegally dumped — this remains an issue for Maryland’s environmental waste management goals and the state’s landfill lifespan. These products, which are often bulky and...

How to Stump Trump and Save the Environment

As an environmentalist, I am bracing myself for the worst case scenarios our current elected president and his administration could implement. In recent years, the world has slowed its impact on the environment by making strides in sustainable and renewable...

How the Energy Sector Can Benefit African Americans

America’s energy sector is transforming as a result of investments in smart energy grids, increased use of renewables and rising oil and gas generation. The changes taking place within this area of the economy are important to all Americans,...

Black America on Target to Save the Environment

Black folks and people of color make up 38 percent of our nation’s population but with only 12 percent are in leadership positions in environmental organizations.  Now, if you think that’s just a Black problem, think again.  It’s now...

Reaping the Bitter Fruit Sown in Baltimore

Is it justified to simply scorn the behavior of bad actors who wreak havoc upon neighborhoods in Baltimore without accounting for the unabated decades-long systemic isolation and degradation of communities of color by the larger society that has caused...

Maryland Must Stay Committed To Clean Energy

The oil and natural gas industry is responsible for 138,000 asthma attacks leading to over 100,000 missed school days each year for African American children nationwide. This was concluded in a groundbreaking new study by the Clean Air Task...

Baltimore’s Children Struggle in Toxic Environment

“Our society has treated the abuse, maltreatment, violence, and chaotic experiences of our children as an oddity that is adequately dealt with by emergency response systems... These services are needed and are worthy of support—but they are a dressing on...

A Missing Black Political Conversation on Climate Change

Lead-tainted public water in Flint, Mich., may have become a bottle water-grabbing cause celebre in 2016 as Black social movements protested the scandalous manmade disaster that poisoned the entire working class, majority-Black city. Black elected officials, from newly elected...

Energy Industry Could Be Beneficial for African Americans

It is expected over the several few years that utility companies across the United States will spend between $1.5 trillion and $2 trillion on infrastructure investments. Those investments and the projected growth of the energy industry could potentially translate...



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