Home The October 16, 2011 Dedication Ceremony of the MLK Monument

The October 16, 2011 Dedication Ceremony of the MLK Monument

    Hakim Turner, Richmond, VA

    “I came here to join in the festivities. It’s a beautiful day and everyone seems so happy to be here,” said 26-year-old Hakim Turner from Richmond, who chose not to enter the memorial site...

    Thousands Gather on National Mall for King Dedication

    As the sun began to rise over the nation’s capital, Oct. 16, thousands began to gather in the crisp morning air to honor the legacy of one of the most revered and respected men...

    MLK Dedication Sets Tone for Fight for Justice

    People of all hues came from all over to pay tribute to the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, the only one on the mall for someone other than an American president. Charles Arterson...

    Baron LewisChicago, Illinois

    Baron Lewis, 63, said the event brought him to D.C. from Chicago. “Dr. King was like an uncle or a big brother to me. I have a strong respect for what he did and...

    Charles Arterson, Albany, GA

    Albany resident, Charles Arterson, 57, met Dr. King when Arterson was five years old. “He was marching in Albany before he went to Selma. When the cops came to arrest people all the marchers...

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