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Ja-Zette Marshburn, AFRO Archivist
Ja-Zette Marshburn, AFRO Archivist (AFRO Photo)
I Dream A World….
Originally published January 09, 2013

I dream a world of integrity and respect. A world filled with individuals steadfast to an immovable quotient of compassion and empathy for others. I see a society willing to embrace and celebrate the aspirations of others. To develop and nourish a respect for the struggles and tribulations that birthed the diverse mosaic that is modern society. Through all this I pray for this generation and the next to nurture a reverence and respect not only for the tangible beings of their elders but their stories that have created our history. more More Arrow


Tiffany Thomas-Randall, Cyber Security Specialist
- Even after the successful inauguration of a two term African American President, I still believe our dreams of a world without racism and condemnation because of the color of your skin has yet to be manifested. more More Arrow

Jedidiah Divine Order Winslow, 7, Second grade
- I dream of a world where there would be no violence. I wish all kids could have safe homes. I dream of a world where all kids have more education and less violent games. I have a dream that everyone will know God. I hope to see a world where everyone does their best. I have a dream that everyone will respect each other and be nice to each other. I have a dream that we all will pray together and protect each other. I dream of animals being safe and having enough water and grass to eat. I dream of no more pollution at my beach so the fish can live.

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- The speech so eloquently delivered almost 50 years ago by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on the Mall in Washington still inspires us to see beyond what is tangible, and sometimes a little frightening, to a world that feels safer and more welcoming. These AFRO readers share their dreams as we once again observe the birthday of Dr. King.more More Arrow

Qwendolyn Swinton, 81, and Dedra Arthur, 59, with a family friend, Sharon Duncan, 57.
- Qwendolyn Swinton, 81, and Dedra Arthur, 59 visited the Mall with a family friend, Sharon Duncan, 57 from Maryland.more More Arrow

The Bowen family
- Ezekiel Bowen, 10, Daniel Bowen, 40, DeQuency Bowen, 39, Cynthia Bowen, 8, and Joshua Bowen, nine months came specifically for the commemoration from West Brookville, N.Y.more More Arrow

The Huff family
- Marc Huff, 35, Denise Huff, 50, Marquise, 11 and Cheyenne Jones, 10, came to see the monument from Cleveland, Ohio.more More Arrow

Malcolm "Y" Brown
- Malcolm “Y” Brown, 79, Hull, Ma. Calls himself Malcolm Y. He remembered how parts of the movement came together and bonded “just like today with people coming together for different causes, different groups had their own agenda. Dr. King was able to pull us together.”more More Arrow

Aleain Williams
- Aleain Williams, 80, Brooklyn, NY said she remembered meeting Dr. King make a speech at 116th Street in Harlem after the stabbing of a 26-year old civil rights activist.more More Arrow

Claudyne Jefferson
- Claudyne Jefferson, 64, Nashville, TN said looking at the monument is like envisioning accomplishing a milestone.more More Arrow

Dick Gregory (left) and Jesse Jackson (center)
- Jesse Jackson, former DC Shadow Senator, spoke on the DC Statehood issue. “We need a full scale national movement to get the residents of DC their statehood..."more More Arrow

Sheila McNeill-Lee
- Sheila McNeill-Lee stood transfixed before the 30-foot statue of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. It was pouring rain. Her thoughts raced back to her childhood.
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Julius C. Brown
- Julius C. Brown made his way to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial with his wife and 6-year-old grandson Marcel Green to pay respect to a man Brown said paid the ultimate price in a quest to gain equal rights for Black Americans. more More Arrow

Tyesha Hill
- Tyesha Hill, 25, a student at the University of Houston, traveled from Texas to be a part of the historical Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial dedication.more More Arrow

Diane Walker
- Diane Walker’s tour of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial brought tears to her eyes. The grandmother from Fairfax, Va., spoke of her struggle living through the times when King was at his pinnacle.more More Arrow

Tim McCarthy brought his family from Ireland for the dedication of the King Memorial.
- The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s message resonated beyond the United States. For proof, look no further than Tim McCarthy, who brought his family from Ireland for the dedication of the King Memorial.more More Arrow

Okie Amadi
- The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. inspired Okie Amadi to become a lawyer. So he booked his travel plans from his home in Honolulu to Washington, D.C., as soon as the dates for the King Memorial dedication were announced.more More Arrow

Lavonne Merriweather
- Tradition is the reason Lavonne Merriweather and a group of her girlfriends wound up in Washington, D.C.more More Arrow

Rosalind Cylar, 35 Huntsville, Maryland
- The possibility of inclement weather was not enough to stop Rosalind Cylar from joining her husband to visit the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.more More Arrow