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"Stokely: A Life", by Peniel E. Joseph (Courtesy Photo)
Stokely: A Life by Peniel E. Joseph
Originally published March 26, 2014

“It was Thursday, June 16, 1966… Less than a year before, President Lyndon Johnson had signed the Voting Rights Act… Stokely Carmichael was now in Mississippi to ensure that the federal laws… would apply to black sharecroppers living in plantation communities…more More Arrow


Why Every Black Woman Should Marry a Jewish Man: A Book For All Women Looking For the Perfect
- “How many times have we heard successful African-American women complain they can’t find a good man? Everyone has an opinion on the black man shortage, but none of the so-called relationship experts offer real solutions…more More Arrow

Speed: Facing Our Addiction to Fast and Faster-- 	and Overcoming Our Fear of Slowing Down.
- “This is a book about a new kind of addiction that I believe has taken hold in our culture… I call it the addiction to speed… I’m talking about a culture-wide phenomenon that is snatching people up and carrying them along, convincing them that doing ‘more, better, and faster’ is the path to happiness. more More Arrow

White House East Room
- What a paradox. The first Black president, loved by people around the world, yet struggling for approval for his policies at home—whether it be the healthcare initiative, the stimulus to bail out the economy, or his ‘leading from behind’ on foreign policies.more More Arrow

(1)ne Drop: Shifting the Lens on Race
- (1)ne Drop: Shifting the Lens on Racemore More Arrow

Elder Charles Neal and Rev. Dr. Dana Neal.
- Trouble is a phenomenon that finds everyone, but it has a beginning and an ending. That’s the message the Rev. Dr. Dana Neal posits in her new book, “Released in the Spirit,” hot off the presses for those who are pressed.more More Arrow

Yaba Blay, Ph.D.
- “What exactly is Blackness and what does it mean to be Black? Is Blackness a matter of biology or consciousness? Who determines who is Black and who is not—the state, the society, or the individual? Who is Black, who is not, and who cares?more More Arrow

The book,
- Law enforcement isn’t about the white man out to get the black man, as so many in the media and social leadership would have us believe…. In most cases, the person riding in the police cruiser isn’t out to get you because of your race or because of how you look.more More Arrow

Chef Jeff Henderson.
- People want to know how a youngster from poverty, who failed his way through public school, got caught up in the 80’s crack epidemic, got indicted and sent to federal prison… wound up working for five-star hotels. more More Arrow

Dr. Walter Milton, Jr.
- “Life for many Black boys is akin to a war. Wars on their minds, souls, spirits and yes, even their bodies take place on a daily basis. It is my desire that our sons become equipped with an artillery of excellence, weapons of mass knowledge/information and a navigation/GPS system that will help them avoid life’s roadblocks… more More Arrow