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Carol Harriston, a member of the National Association of Realtors, suggested that homeowners clear clutter from kitchens and add decorative touches.
Carol Harriston, a member of the National Association of Realtors, suggested that homeowners clear clutter from kitchens and add decorative touches. (Courtesy Photo)
Focusing on Kitchen and Baths Can Hasten Home Sale
Originally published April 10, 2013

To Carol Harriston, preparing a home for sale is an art.more More Arrow


Cleaning kitchen counters and cabinets is a good way to keep pests out of your home.
- (NewsUSA) - As the ritual of spring cleaning nears with every slightly warmer and longer day, many homeowners will look to home organizational trends to kick start their list of projects. No matter which trends homeowners choose to take charge of their houses, it's important to ensure that any home care initiatives include pest prevention practices. Spring is a particularly crucial time to take proactive measures to pest-proof as the season's warmer weather serves as a wake-up call to a myriad of home-invading pests. more More Arrow

- Unless you’ve been living on a desert island, you know how tough it is to sell a home these days. In some neighborhoods, “For Sale” signs are as common as mailboxes. And the challenge is the same whether you live in a small row house or a McMansion.more More Arrow

- Mayor Vincent Gray and D.C. Office of Veterans Affairs (OVA) director, Matt Cary, recently announced a furniture-donation program for homeless veterans and their families who live in Washington, D.C. Through the program, Fort McNair has donated $75,000 worth of bed frames, box springs, mattresses, refrigerators, microwaves, chest drawers, chairs, tables and computers to the National Capitol Veterans Coalition which has, in turn, provided the furniture to OVA, according to a press release.more More Arrow

- Howard University was recently awarded a $10,000 grant for on campus improvements for finishing as a finalist in the Home Depot 2011 “Retool Your School” Campus Improvement Grant Program. The famed Washington, D.C. university was one of 11 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) to receive grants for their proposals of long-standing eco-friendly projects. more More Arrow

- African Americans may find themselves in the middle of a potentially devastating financial squeeze play, disproportionately pressed from one side by foreclosures tied to the ongoing U.S. mortgage crisis and constricted on the other by growing government demands for concessions from Black-heavy public employee unions.
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- Continuing with the design to revitalize Washington, D.C.’s Southwest Waterfront, mayor Vincent Gray announced on March 10 that Graduate School USA signed an agreement to establish what will be called the Center for Education and Training at the heart of “The Wharf” project.more More Arrow

- As part of their efforts to compile a list of the nation’s top 10 most unusual homes, is scouring local cities searching for residences that are quirky, unique or extremely unusual.
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- More than 6,100 commercial and residential properties with outstanding tax liens will be up for public auction beginning Sept. 20 during the city’s annual tax sale.more More Arrow

- As victims of the housing market continue to look for signs of hope, on June 14 Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies released its “State of the Nation's Housing 2010” report.more More Arrow