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BGE Program Recycles More Than 30,000 Inefficient Appliances Saving More Than 46,000 Megawatt Hours of Electricity

BGE Smart Energy Savers Program® Recycles More Than 30,000 Inefficient Appliances Resulting in a Savings of

More Than 46,000 Megawatt Hours of Electricity


Through this program, all BGE customers can receive an award of $50 or $75 for recycling older, inefficient refrigerators, freezers or room air

conditioning units

By removing these inefficient appliances from the electric grid, the energy savings of 46,000 Megawatt hours of electricity is enough to power more than

4,700 homes for one year

BALTIMORE (Nov. 21, 2013) – Baltimore Gas and Electric Company (BGE) has teamed up with its customers to make a significant and positive impact on the environment by recycling an impressive 30,000 appliances through the BGE Smart Energy Savers Program. The program, which helps remove older, inefficient appliances from the electric grid, provides BGE customers with an incentive for recycling their old working refrigerators, freezers and room air conditioning units. Customers receive a $50 reward when they recycle a refrigerator or freezer and an additional $25 bonus if they turn in a room air conditioning unit for recycling at the same time. Since its inception, the program has saved more than 46,000 megawatt-hours of electricity by removing these inefficient appliances from the electric grid. These energy savings are enough to power more than 4,700 homes for one year.

“The benefits of recycling old appliances are numerous. By recycling an older refrigerator or freezer and room air conditioning unit and replacing them with new ENERGY STAR® certified models, our customers increase their home’s energy efficiency, helping them save energy and money throughout the year,” said Ruth C. Kiselewich, director of demand side management programs for BGE. “They also help keep old appliances out of landfills, where they can release harmful toxins and greenhouse gases into the environment. This is a great example of how EmPOWER Maryland is benefiting BGE customers.”

A spare refrigerator or freezer in a basement or garage wastes up to 1,200 kWh of energy and as much as $100 in electric costs every year. By recycling these old appliances, BGE customers save energy and money. Also, through this program, more than 95 percent of each appliance is recycled and disposed of properly, preventing these materials from entering a landfill. Recycling also helps reduce the need for new raw materials, such as steel, aluminum, copper, glass and plastic. In addition, appliance recycling leads to an enormous reduction in emissions of ozone-depleting substances and greenhouse gases, as well as releases of PCBs, mercury and used oil into the environment.

BGE makes it easy for customers to recycle their old appliances. Customers are encouraged to contact BGE to schedule a pickup, and BGE will haul away the old appliances at no additional cost. Each household is limited to recycling two refrigerators or freezers through this program. Appliances must be in working (cooling) condition and measure 10 to 27 cubic feet, which is standard for most refrigerators and freezers. Room air conditioning units also may be recycled through this program, but only if picked up at the same time as an eligible refrigerator or freezer. Appointments are required and available for scheduling by visiting or by calling 866.898.1901.

BGE’s Smart Energy Savers Program is a suite of programs that enable all customers to better manage their energy use, leading to more efficient use of electricity and lower energy costs. Collectively, the programs, a result of the EmPOWER Maryland Energy Efficiency Act, help contain the cost of energy and improve electricity reliability in Maryland. The programs also reduce peak electricity demand and slow the growth in energy consumption, which delay the need for building more power plants. BGE offers these energy-saving solutions for homeowners, renters, large and small business customers, nonprofits and institutional customers. More information is available at These programs support the EmPOWER Maryland Energy Efficiency Act.