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BGE Restores Service to More Than 11,000 Customers Affected by Sunday’s Winter Storm Which Brought Snow and Freezing Rain Across Central Maryland

BGE Restores Service to More Than 11,000 Customers Affected by Sunday’s Winter Storm Which

Brought Snow and Freezing Rain Across Central Maryland

Restoration continues ascrews work safely and as quickly as possible

BGE expects all customers to be back in service by late Monday evening

 (Dec. 9, 2013) – Baltimore Gas and Electric Company (BGE) crews have been working overnight and throughoutMonday morning to restore service to customers affected by the snow and freezing rain that began impacting BGE’s service areaSunday morning.  Crews continue to work safely and as quickly as possible to ensure public safety and restore the approximately 11,000 remaining outages, which were caused primarily by weakened trees and tree limbs, coated with ice, coming down onto power lines and electric delivery equipment.   Ice continued to accumulate throughout the night and early morning hours and these conditions may lead to additional outages throughout the day.  As of 10 a.m. this morning, BGE has restored service to more than 11,000 customers since the storm began Sunday. The company reminds customers to report power outages and downed wires to BGE at877.778.2222. Customers are also able to report power outages from mobile phones and devices through the mobile website

 “More than 950 BGE employees and field personnel continue to work safely and quickly in challenging and harsh winter weather conditions to restore service to our customers who lost power as a result of Sunday’s snow and freezing rain,” said Carol Dodson, vice president and chief customer officer for BGE. “The safety of our customers and employees is our first priority and we thank our customers for their patience as our crews travel on hazardous roads to restore service. Customers are reminded to stay away from downed wires and to report them to BGE at 877.778.2222.  BGE’s restoration priorities first focus on public safety, followed by critical infrastructure, including hospitals and 911 centers. Once these issues have been addressed, field assignments are prioritized in a way that restores service to the greatest number of customers at one time. Consideration will also be given to customers who have been out of service the longest.”

Heavy wet snow and ice accumulation from freezing rain can coat trees and tree limbs and bring them down onto power lines and electrical equipment, causing outages. Removing tree debris, a task that must be completed before work can begin to fix damaged electric equipment, is time and labor intensive and can result in extended outage durations.

Customers should visit BGE’s online Storm Center for important information on how to stay safe during and after a storm. As a reminder, BGE customers who may be elderly, disabled or dependent on electricity for medical equipment (Customers with Special Needs), should always have alternate arrangements in place should they experience an extended power outage. Restoration updates can be found on BGE’s enhanced power outage map, available online and through mobile devices, provides the general location and status of current electric power outages in BGE’s service area. Customers can view affected areas, the number of customers affected by an outage, estimated time of restoration if available, and the status of the field crew assigned to repair the issue. Customers can also stay informed by visiting BGE’s social media sites Twitter and Facebook.

To help prevent outside meters and attached equipment, including vent pipes, from malfunctioning and possibly interfering with service, BGE encourages customers to try to safely clean these devices of snow and ice buildup with a broom or brush to keep them clear. It is also important to clear ice and snow from outside pipes which provide ventilation for direct-vent furnaces and water heaters. Always keep dryer vents clean from lint build-up and clear of snow and ice. Customers with electric heat pumps should also clear snow and ice away from the heat pump to allow the unit to function properly.

For more information on storm safety and to stay up-to-date on BGE’s restoration efforts, visit