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Plan for your Childrens' Future

Dear Supporter,

In these tough economic times, it is more important than ever to ensure that you are saving for your children's education. Making an investment today will help secure your children's future. I would like to take the time today to encourage you to enroll in the College Savings Plans of Maryland.

Maryland's College Savings Plans are among the most stable and best-managed plans in the nation. The first option for investment is the Maryland Prepaid College Trust. With this program, you can lock in tomorrow's tuition at today's rates, and it is backed by a Maryland legislative guarantee. This customizable program can fit any family's needs.

The other option is the College Investment Plan, where you can choose from 13 different investment options - ranging from more aggressive to more conservative investment strategies.

Learn more about both of these plans and enroll today at

Whichever plan is best for you, and whether you are contributing thousands or just $25 dollars a week, the sooner you sign up the better off you will be.

Maryland's College Savings Plans are making the dream of a college degree more accessible and affordable for working families throughout the State. I urge all Maryland families to sign up now for one of the state's two savings plans.

Sign up today at

Thank you so much for your time.