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Comptroller Franchot Applauds Board of Public Works’ Approval of School Construction Funding

Annapolis, MD (May 4, 2011) – As part of his commitment to strengthen Maryland's public school system, Comptroller Peter Franchot joined Governor Martin O'Malley and Treasurer Nancy Kopp as the Board of Public Works unanimously voted to approve the recommendations by the Interagency Committee for School Construction (IAC) for the final $77 million in previously unallocated school construction funding for Fiscal Year 2012. Leading up to today's vote, the Comptroller visited nearly a dozen schools across the state. The visits to schools, ranked as high priorities by their respective local jurisdiction, allowed the Comptroller to hear directly from county school officials, teachers, students and parents as to their need for funding.

"Maryland is fortunate to have the number one ranked public school system in the country," said Comptroller Franchot. "While most of Maryland's schools are in good condition, there are some facilities that are in desperate need of renovations or new construction. There is more work to be done in the coming years to ensure we reach this goal. However, today's vote is a positive step for communities across the state. If Maryland is going to continue to be the nation's most educated state, we need to continue to invest in our public schools and I look forward to working with my fellow board members and the IAC to keep moving our schools and our state forward."
In January, school officials from 21 jurisdictions appeared before the board to present their cases for a part of the remaining $77 million of the $264.5 million total allocated and approved by Governor O’Malley and the General Assembly during the 2011 session. Following January's meeting, Franchot traveled to schools across the states which were top funding priorities of the counties.

Working with the IAC, the Comptroller relayed direct feedback from local school officials to the three members of the committee as they weighed their final recommendations for the remaining $77 million, which the board voted in favor of today.

Comptroller Franchot applauds Governor O'Malley, Superintendent Grasmick and the General Assembly for their unwavering commitment to ensuring that all of our children are able to learn in a safe and clean environment.

"I am proud to have voted for these critical funds,” continued Comptroller Franchot. “With today's action by the board, construction improvements will bolster the quality of life in local communities and positively impact the lives of the young people we look to as Maryland's future leadership and workforce."