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Statement from Council President on the Extension of His Inclusionary Housing Bill

BALTIMORE, MD – “The City Council's Land Use and Transportation Committee today took a significant step toward extending my landmark Inclusionary Housing Bill by voting to remove a sunset clause from the original legislation, which was passed in 2007.

The bill seeks to increase the city’s stock of safe and clean affordable housing by mandating that development projects that receive a major public subsidy and consist of 30 or more residential units set aside 20 percent of their housing stock as market-rate affordable housing.

The original bill, which I introduced in 2006, included a provision that would sunset the law after only five years. I worked with my colleagues on the council to remove the sunset because I firmly believe that the Great Recession stunted development in Baltimore, minimizing the chances for my bill to have a positive impact on residents by ensuring that people from all economic backgrounds have access to decent and affordable housing. With no expiration date, the bill can continue to help citizens.

The Union Mill development in Hampden was the first project subject to my Inclusionary Housing bill that has been built since the law was passed. The Union Mill project has provided 10 units of affordable housing so far. Two other developments that were built since 2007, but not subject to the law, voluntarily included affordable housing.

I look forward to the full council voting on my Inclusionary Housing Bill on Monday, June 11.”