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Governor Kicks-off “Buy Local Challenge” Week July 23-31 with U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack; Cookout Features Locally Grown Recipes Created by Selected Chefs

ANNAPOLIS, MD (July 21, 2011) – Governor and First Lady O’Malley today, joined by U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, hosted the fourth annual “Buy Local” cookout and officially kicked-off Maryland’s “Buy Local Challenge” week, which encourages Marylanders to incorporate at least one locally-grown, produced or harvested product into their meals each day. They also announced Holly Emmons, food services manager at Union Hospital, and Craig Sewell, owner of Cook’s Café, as recipients of this year’s Smart Green and Growing Buy Local Agricultural Challenge Awards.

Governor O’Malley has designated July 23-31, 2011 as “Buy Local Challenge Week” in Maryland to raise awareness about the benefits of local farms and food so that the use of fresh, local products among consumers becomes more familiar and more frequent. The cookout featured recipes from 17 teams of local producers and chefs from across the State showcasing the diversity of local products available in Maryland.

“Katie and I challenge all Maryland residents, institutions and organizations to expand their purchases of locally grown products for their favorite dishes and to try some new ones,” said Governor O’Malley. “Buying locally is key to ensuring a Smart, Green and Growing future for Maryland families. It preserves farmland, protects the environment, keeps our money in Maryland while creating and saving jobs, and provides fresh, nutritious food for a healthy diet. We are committed to the success of our agricultural industry and are delighted to host this cookout to make Marylanders aware of all of the locally-grown options our State has to offer.”

Prior to the cookout, USDA Secretary Vilsack held a roundtable forum with more than two dozen farmers to talk about issues facing Maryland producers today. “The Obama Administration is committed to developing local and regional markets to provide new income opportunities for farmers and to connect consumers with locally-grown food produced right in their communities,” said Vilsack. “Today’s discussion with local producers was an opportunity to highlight the diversity and strength of Maryland agriculture and the state’s commitment to promoting new agricultural marketing opportunities that will create jobs and help rural communities thrive.”

For this year’s Buy Local Cookout, 17 teams of local producers and chefs were selected to showcase the diversity of local products available in Maryland for farmers; food buyers from groceries, restaurants and institutions; chefs; and “buy local” advocates on the front lawn of the Government House in Annapolis. The recipes were submitted by chef/producer teams and selected for their creativity, availability of ingredients, geographic representation, and maximum use of local ingredients.

“Including local, seasonal foods in our meals is easier than ever and buying local food helps our farmers, our environment, economy, and the health of our families,” said Agriculture Secretary Buddy Hance. “Today, there are more than 130 farmers’ markets in Maryland. Community Supported Agriculture farms are thriving, and grocery stores are tapping into the demand for local farm and seafood products while saving transportation costs to bring the most nutritious, great-tasting food to our plates. The number of pick-your-own operations, roadside farm stands, and on-farm markets is growing too.”

In addition to the selected chefs and producers, Roseda Beef, Honest Tea, Kilby Cream, Prigel Family Creamery, Maryland Wineries Association, Amber Fields Malting and Brewing Company, and Willow Oak Flower and Herb Farm donated their products for the cookout.

The Challenge, created in 2006 by the Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission, has grown since into a statewide initiative. This year, Governor O’Malley invited teams of a chef and one or more farmer, waterman or producer to submit recipes featuring locally grown, raised or harvested ingredients. Nearly 40 recipes were submitted in the categories of appetizers, side dishes or salads, main dishes, desserts, and beverages. All 40 recipe submissions are available online here <> . The Maryland Wineries Association recommended wine pairings for each recipe.

The cookbook is being published by Apprentice House, which is the country’s only campus-based, student-staffed book publishing company. Directed by professors and industry professionals, it is a non-profit activity of the Communication Department at Loyola University Maryland. Using state-of-the-art technology and an experiential learning model of education, Apprentice House publishes books in untraditional ways. This dual responsibility as publishers and educators creates an unprecedented collaborative environment among faculty and students, while teaching tomorrow’s editors, designers, and marketers.

At this year’s cookout, Governor O’Malley presented Holly Emmons and Craig Sewell with the Smart, Green and Growing 2011 Buy Local Agricultural Challenge Awards.

Holly Emmons, food service manager for Union Hospital (Cecil County), was honored for her leadership in local food sourcing and increasing the sale and purchase of fresh, local and sustainable agricultural products at the hospital. She also implemented the Local Harvest project, which involves selling local farm products through the hospital’s staff cafeteria and coffee shop.

Craig Sewell, owner of A Cook’s Café (Anne Arundel County), has been using ingredients from Maryland’s Eastern Shore in his meals at Cook’s Café since 2006. He has created a locally grown food distribution network, sourcing food from local farmers for his restaurant and cooking school. He also offers a Market Basket program, which supplies over 250 families in the Greater Annapolis area with locally grown food through a Buyer’s Club and Food Cooperative.

In its 2009 Policy Choices Survey, the University of Baltimore Schaefer Center for Public Policy found that 78 percent of Marylanders want to buy produce that is identified as having been grown by a Maryland farmer.

To find local products, locate a farmers market and to learn more about Maryland’s Buy Local Week Challenge, visit <> . Sources of local seafood can be found at <> .

Featured Recipes – 2011 Buy Local Challenge Week Cookout

Appetizer: Maryland Summer Peach Soup with Seared Eastern Shore Monkfish and a Local Watermelon Salsa
· Chef: Bryan Bernstein, Saval Foodservice (Howard County)

· Producer: Jim Schillinger, Schillinger’s Farm - watermelon, peaches (Anne Arundel County)

· Producer: Captain Jesse Garner, Old Point Packing - monkfish (Atlantic Ocean)

Appetizer: Springfield Farms Roulade of Spring Lamb with Pine Nuts and Apricots with an Heirloom Tomato Gazpacho
· Chef: Bill Crouse, Chef's Expressions (Baltimore County)

· Producer: David Smith, Springfield Farms - lamb (Baltimore County)

Appetizer: A Taste Of Richardson Farm: Watermelon Carpaccio, Fire Roasted Corn Ragout, and Hickory Smoked Grape Tomatoes
· Chef: Ben Simpkins, Richardson Farms (Baltimore County)

· Producer: Les Richardson, Richardson Farms - watermelon, sweet corn, grape tomatoes, basil, red peppers, parsley, globe tomatoes, spinach (Baltimore County)

Salad: Soft Shell Crab Salad with Summer Squash, Heirloom Tomatoes and Roasted Garlic Tarragon Dressing
· Chef: Joann Redden, The Lily Pad Cafe & Catering (Caroline County)

· Producer: Dale Dawson, Tuckahoe Seafood - soft shell crabs (Talbot County)

· Producer: Jennifer Sturmer, Hummingbird Farms - tomatoes (Caroline County)

· Producer: Vista Cheesman, St.Helier Farm - baby summer squash, cucumber, squash blossoms (Caroline County)

Entrée: Asian Grilled Flank Steak with Grilled Corn Salad
· Chef: Rasheed Abdurrahman, Wild Onion Café (Prince George’s County)

· Producer: Southern Maryland Meats - beef (Anne Arundel, Calvert, Charles, Prince George’s, St. Mary’s counties)

· Producer: Joseph & Jo-Ann Romano, Golden Leaf Farm - honey (Prince George’s County)

· Producer: Phil & Shelley Miller, Miller Farms - corn, tomatoes, basil (Prince George’s County)

Entrée: Duck…Two Ways
· Chef: Winston Blick, Clementine Restaurant (Baltimore County)

· Producer: Rob Deford, Boordy Vineyards - Cabernet Franc wine (Baltimore County)

· Producer: Joan and Drew Norman, One Straw Farm (Baltimore County)

· Producer: The Zahradka Farm (Baltimore County)

Entrée: Apple Glazed Beef Brisket
· Chef: Edward Bowen, Calvert County Career Center (Calvert County)

· Producer: Jacqueline Bowen, Prosperity Acres - beef (Calvert County)

Entrée: Brined Cherry BBQ Chicken
· Chef: Bryan P. Davis, The Classic Catering People (Baltimore County)

· Producer: Lynne Ferguson, Ferguson Family Farm- heritage chicken (Baltimore County)

Entrée: Grilled Rockfish with Bayou Shrimp Ragout
· Chef: Jake Lydon, Annapolis Seafood Market (Anne Arundel)

· Producer: Luke Howard, Homestead Farms - peppers, onions, celery, corn (Queen Anne’s County)

Entrée: Maryland Crabcakes, Chestertown Chow-Chow, Chesapeake Bay Sauce
· Chef: Martin Saylor, Coastal Sunbelt Produce (Howard County)

· Producer: Margaret Frothingham, Arnold Farms - cabbage, corn, peppers, tomatoes, onions, herbs (Kent County)

· Producer: Richard Evanusa, Captain’s Choice Food products (Somerset County)- crab

Entrée: Washington County Fiesta Blue Chorizo Wraps with Escabeche
· Chef: Natoma "Cookie" Vargason, Cookie's Cooking Company (Washington County)

· Producer: Jeanne Dietz-Band, Many Rocks Farm - goat chorizo sausage (Washington County)

· Producer: Alice Orzechowski, Caprikorn Farm - goat cheese (Washington County)

· Producer: Ray and Jan Wickline, Blue Faerie Farm - blue potatoes, garlic (Frederick County)

Producer: Clare Seibert, Clear Spring Creamery – yogurt (Washington County)
Producer: Carol Myers and Doug Fink, Rights of Man Farm, LLC – carrots (Frederick County)

Entrée: Fusion Bison Tacos
· Chef: Ype Von Hengst, Silver Diner (Montgomery County)

· Producer: Angela and Trey Lewis, Gunpowder Farms - bison sirloin steak (Harford County)

· Producer: Richardson Farms - spinach (Baltimore County)

Dessert: Vanilla Bean French Toast with Lockbriar Farms Straw-Blackberry Compote, Blueberry Blossom Honey Mascarpone, and Crow Farm Bacon
· Chef: Robbie Jester, Harbor House Restaurant (Kent County)

· Producer: Wayne Lockwood, Lockbriar Farm – strawberry, blackberry, blueberry blossom honey (Kent County)

· Producer: Roy and Judy Crow, Crow Farm – bacon (Kent County)

· Producer: Douglas Rae, Against the Grain Bakery – bread (Kent County)

Dessert: Chilled Cantaloupe Soup with Cayenne Coconut Ice Cream

· Chef: James Barrett, Westin Hotel/Azure Restaurant (Anne Arundel County)

· Producer: William Morris, Deep Cove Farms - heirloom tomatoes (Anne Arundel County)

· Producer: Oksana Bocharova, MD Sunrise Farm - onions, peppers, cantaloupe (Anne Arundel County)

· Producer: Allen Colhoun, Ivy Neck Farm - ground beef (Anne Arundel County)

Dessert: Fresh Peach & Honey Cannoli
· Chef: Paul Rodgers, Cecil County Public Schools (Cecil County)

· Producer: Stephen Balderston, Colora Orchards - peaches (Cecil County)

Dessert: Black Rock Orchard Almond-Polenta Cake with Peach & Cherry Honey Compote
· Chef: Douglas Wetzel, Gertrude's (Baltimore County)

· Producer: David Hockheimer, Black Rock Orchard - cherries and peaches (Carroll County)

· Producer: David Smith, Springfield Farm - eggs (Baltimore County)

· Producer: Randy and Karen Sowers, South Mountain Creamery - milk, butter (Frederick County)

Beverage: ROYELE Rose' de Noir Brut Rose' Sparkling Wine
· Chef: Ray Brasfield, Cygnus Wine Cellars (Carroll County)

· Producer: Bob White, Quail Vineyard - Chancellor winegrapes (Carroll County)

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