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Edwards Statement on Government Shutdown

October 1, 2013
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Edwards Statement on Government Shutdown
Washington, DC – Congresswoman Donna F. Edwards (MD-4) released the following statement this evening on the shutdown of the federal government.
“I am outraged and saddened by the events that have unfolded in the House of Representatives. Three times, House Republicans have had the opportunity to take up a bill to fund our government, and three times they have insisted on attaching proposals to shut down the government. Tonight, they got their wish.
“Instead of keeping 124,000 Maryland federal employees on the job, Republicans want to put insurance companies back in charge of Americans’ healthcare. Instead of making sure that 443,076 Maryland veterans receive their benefits, Republicans are bowing to the demands of the extreme Tea Party wing of their party.
“The impact of a government shutdown to families in Maryland’s 4th Congressional District and the economy in our region cannot be overstated. The time for political games and fiscal brinksmanship is long over. I will continue to fight to make sure House Republicans take up and pass a clean budget bill that funds our government.