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Police Arrest Baltimore's Latest ‘Public Enemy No. 1’ for Execution-Style Shooting

by Blair Adams
AFRO Staff Writer

    Capone Chase, Baltimore's latest public enemy No. 1. (Courtesy Photo)
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Baltimore police July 25 arrested Capone Chase, 19, less than a week after naming the suspect “public enemy number one” for the execution-style shooting death of Ramon Rodriguez, 21.

Chase was arrested without incident in the 1500 block of Pennsylvania Avenue in the early morning hours, police said.

Police Commissioner Anthony Batts said public response to a search for a suspect dubbed “public enemy” was instrumental in the arrest.

“Having the public help us in cases like this is critical to catching the violent people who tear down our city,” Batts said in a statement.

The shooting occurred on July 13 and was the latest in a string of violent crimes in the city.

The arrest marked the second apprehension recently of a suspect labeled “public enemy number one” by police and came less than two weeks after the arrest of the previous suspect to carry the “public enemy” label.

On July 16, a team of officers with the U.S. Marshal’s Service arrested Darryl Anderson, for the murder of Gennie Shird, 21, in a June 27 shooting on a front porch in the 3300 block of Elmora Avenue.

Anderson was arrested in Birmingham, Ala. less than a month after the shooting.

Police said both men are reportedly members of the Black Guerilla Family.

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