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Why I'm Voting

by AFRO Staff

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    Harold King age 65 Mitchellville, Md. ()

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Leonard Woolfolk, 60, Washington, D.C.

I am voting because of the President. His beliefs. What he states and what he stands for. I like him because he's a family man and he hasn't done that much wrong in being the President. I just like him as a general person, as a brother.

Harold King age 65 Mitchellville, Md.

I plan to vote which is kind of funny because this is probably the only place where my vote doesn't count. PG county is so overwhelmingly Democratic and we don't elect on a popular vote. But I do vote because I want to vote for this President. this governor. I also want to vote on Question 7, it's a no brainer. People who are talking against it, I don’t know where they're coming from. If the money can stay here, let it stay here.

Wenona Price, 40+, Clinton, Md.

I think it’s important to vote. It’s an honor and a privilege. First of all to live in a free county where we have the unique opportunity to vote and be politically active without real fear of any repercussions. We have the opportunity to be politically active and express our vote and opinion and we should.

Luwen Bent, 38, Hyattsville, Md.

I am voting because I do believe President Obama has my best interest at heart and the best interest of my son.

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